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That said, it took several tries before Verizon reported via JavaScript pop up I had successfully blocked the numbers input. Again, blocking a number only works for 90 days a€” hopefully the offending party will have given up by then and, if not, you can block them again.
Here are sone great services from Verizon but I have checked the other carriers and they similar offers so be sure to make sure you are taking advantage of what your carrier has to offer. With this feature, you can forward your mobile calls to another phone number, including your home or office. We made it easy to block up to 15 email addresses, vtext names or domains, on your wireless device so you can get back to the messages that really matter. From pesky telemarketers to other uninvited callers, you can stop incoming calls, texts, and picture and video messages from up to 5 phone numbers per line.

Getting help in an emergency is only a call away with Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance. Don't forget your smartphone is a mini computer and it is susceptible to all the dangers your PC can face, like viruses. The steps below apply to Usage Controlss subscribers who want to block and unblock numbers.
Only full 10-digit numbers with no added dashes or other symbols can be blocked with Usage Controlss.
A recording stating that the customer is unavailableA is played if a call from a blocked number is received.
An ex-boyfriend, mother, bill collector, ex-girlfriend, creditors, politician, Sally Struthers?

If you accidentally leave without your phone or your battery dies and you don’t have your charger, you can forward all your calls to a different number and not miss a thing. You can also set your calls to forward to another number only if you don’t answer or are on another call. If you are planning on getting your child a cell phone, this would be a GREAT feature to include so you know they won't ever get stuck somewhere. Verizon Wireless reverse phone search can help you, an unknown number on your list of missed calls.

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