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If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to prevent your number from showing up on the recipient’s phone while making a call from your Verizon Wireless mobile, the answer is: Yes! You should note that this is not a paid service and so, it will not add anything to your phone bill. Now dial the number you want and once the phone rings, your Per Call Blocking request is completed.
Keep in mind the next call will not use the call-blocking feature, for which you have to dial *67 once again. However, it is hard to imagine why you would want not to reveal your identity to those you make a call! Your name or telephone number will not appear on the phone to which you are making the call.

However, do note that Verizon keeps a track of all number blocked calls, just in case the authorities need data, with growing security concerns in the country. And with hundreds if not thousands of Gadgets, Apps, Games being launched everyday, there's more than enough out there to keep this hardcore techie occupied and obsessed! This is usually because these features are not for mass use and may give rise to some security or privacy issues.
For whatever reason you may want to do this, Verizon allows you to block your identity for one call at a time.
While using this feature, your number will show up as ‘Restricted’ on the phone to which you are making the call.
So, it is advisable not to harass other by blocking your number for calls, because in all probability, you will not get away with it.

Check the ‘Caller ID Blocking’ box and your number will be blocked from showing up on any mobile phone you call. Verizon Wireless reverse phone search can help you, an unknown number on your list of missed calls.

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