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Netherlands-based designer Dave Hakkens has created Phonebloks, a concept phone made of modular blocks for each component — the screen, battery, antennae, processor, storage, etc. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Blocking a phone number from calling you should be fairly simple in 2013, but it still isn’t.
Android does provide a way to have specific numbers always go to your voicemail or play a silent ringtone that won’t disturb you if your phone is in your pocket.
If you actually want to block calls and this feature isn’t integrated into your phone, you may want to try using a third-party app like Mr. If you’re a Google Voice user, you have the ability to block calls from your Google Voice settings. Just log in to your Google Voice account online, locate the recent caller you want to block, click the More link, and select Block caller.
Android doesn’t have a completely integrated blocking solution, and carriers don’t generally offer this basic service for free. And it is so amazing that a non-touch Java-powered state-of-the-2006-art Samsung Corby Mate has this. There is also another third party call and sms blocker on the google store called 'AntiNuisance'.
I used Chris's strategy of creating contact for telemarketers (I label them all "Nuisance") and giving them a silent ringtone.
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If you are using a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 running smartphone, then you can easily blacklist contacts of spammers to block calls and SMS on your phone. Blocking spammer and pranksters from annoying you with prank calls is better than trying to search them.
Now if you are using a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone then this tutorial will help you to block calls and SMS on your smartphone. Note: Before proceeding with these steps, make sure that you have the latest version of Windows Phone 8 installed. Step 7: Find and long tap on the number you want to block and select block number from the options.
Note: If you want to block an SMS sender number, which is not saved in your call log, then long-tap on that SMS and select block number.
Now if you change your mind and want to unblock a blocked number then follow these steps to unblock it. By following the above steps, you can block SMS and calls on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 phone and stop getting annoyed by spammers, marketers and unwanted calls. At Techswatch, we cover latest how-to-tech tutorials, review web, mobile and PC apps and share useful tips and tricks. You can do this by opening the Dialer app, swiping over to the history tab, and tapping the number. You could also add a contact manually, not from the dialer — just ensure the contact is associated with the phone number you want to block.
Tap the menu button and select All calls to voicemail to automatically send the number’s calls to voicemail or tap Set ringtone and select None to associate the caller with a silent ringtone.
They don’t appear to work well for some people, and this may depend on your specific Android phone.

Google Voice will play a message saying the number has been disconnected, so this may even fool telemarketers and other annoying callers into removing you from their spam lists.
It happens that we get calls from marketing agency executives, who annoys you by calling every day just to sell something, in which you have no interest.
Tap the Add to contacts option and the number will be added to your phone’s contacts. You can use apps like this one to automatically hang up on calls, effectively blocking them and preventing them from even getting to your voicemail.
If the above app doesn’t work for you, you may want to try another call-blocking app from Google Play. Some carriers may help you block calls if you contact them, some may direct you to their paid services, and some may say it isn’t possible. Blocking calls will come in handy if you are annoyed with the telemarketers disturbing you with their useless offer calls and trying to sell you something you don’t need. For example, if you do everything using cloud-based services, you can swap out your storage block for a larger battery block. The best way to get rid of these spammers is by blocking them from calling you and sending text messages to your phone.
Phonebloks is currently still in the concept stage, but Hakkens is working to drum up support for the idea at the Phonebloks website and Thunderclap.
The best thing you could do is block each and every telemarketers number on your Lumia phones as soon as you receive the call so that you don’t have to get annoyed because of these unwanted calls.

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