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Like most phones, iPhone maintains a detailed call history that allow users to keep track of when they’ve communicated with specific business or individuals. If you have enabled backup services, your computer automatically creates a backup of your iPhone’s call history to iTunes. By mistake I erased a number I need to have urgently and I didn’t back it up, any chance I can restore the call log on my iPhone? Download the free trial version of this iPhone call history recovery below and try it free on your computer.
When running the program on your Mac, a primary window as follow will appear. You need to select your device type and recovery mode first.
No matter which recovery mode you choose, you’ll get a similar scan result, where you can preview all the recoverable data.
What’s more, the iPhone call history recovery software enables you to find back deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages, calendar and notes, and you can preview all of them at the same time. It is well known that many users develop the habit of deleting call history regularly to protect the privacy because the call history that always contains incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls, is likely to reveal your call information to other people and get you into troubles. The reason why I recommend this program is the fact that it can recover your call history on iPhone 5 securely and successfully with no data loss and modification or personal information leaking. Now, just get the program and follow the below steps to see how easy the best iPhone Call History Recovery works.
Let's assume that your iPhone 6 or other models have been connected to the computer via its USB cable, then launch the program to detect your device.
If you are still searching blind on the Internet, and get no satisfying result, please stop the pointless activity.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and click "Start Scan" to scan lost call logs directly from your device.

Step 2: After scanning, all the files on iPhone including Call History are listed in categories. Step 1: Run iPhone call history recovery, you will see the following window with all iOS devices backup files listed automatically here.
Step 2: In the left window, select "Call History" preview you can preview all your recent call activities. Situation Two: It is pretty wonderful and encouraging to get in touch with your old friend if he calls you one day.
One thing you have to pay attention is that please don't sync your iPhone to iTunes when you're finding your data have been disappeared. After the scan, all files in the backup file will be categorized into different folders, such as Call history, Contacts, Messages, Notes, etc.
I can't thank you enough for recovering all my photos that I mistakenly deleted from iPhone.
If you inadvertently clear the call history from your iPhone, you can use the backup file on your computer to restore it.
You can recover iPhone call history directly from your phone or from iTunes backup, including missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls.
And the Windows version allows users to restore the lost data from the device or iTunes backup files at the same time.
Cleared your "Recents" list on an iPhone, and lost an important number that you forgot to save? Let me show you one powerful iPhone call history restore program - iPhone Call History Recovery.
Click "Recover" to start to recover lost call history on iPhone and specify a location on your computer to save the recovered iPhone files.

As iTunes, iCloud also doesn't allow you to preview or selective restore specific data from its backup. Now, you have no need to bother about your missed call numbers, or spend a large amount time to check AT&T history online and ask phone services for help. But unfortunately you forgot to save the number into your contacts on your iPhone and even deleted the call history. All you need to do is to get an iPhone call history recovery tool which can help you take the call log out.
Apart from these, you cannot only preview and selectively retrieve your call history, but also can restore other files like photos, contacts, music, SMS, etc. In this page, we'll be focus on the first mode of recovering call history from iPhone directly. You can only view these numbers which are marked in red color and check the box beside it to locate your target files.
Now with this iPhone call log restore software, you can easily extract the backup for selective call history recovery.
So if you'd like to use the second method, you can choose the mode once you launch the program on you computer, and then finish the following steps by yourself. The key points is to find a reliable tool to help you extract the backup files from iTunes. Here, we could like to strongly recommend this iPhone Backup Extractor and Mac iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows and Mac users' reference.

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