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WhatsApp not only allows us to send text messages to your contacts , it is also possible to send photos, videos, audio notes, contacts and even send our exact location in case your smartphone is capable of geolocation. Definitely a very complete program and interesting sea. We assume that the reason that WhatsApp has not reached the tablet is that the application is associated with the phone number of the user, so that in many tablet that do not have mobile connectivity could not be configured correctly, at least not using just the telephone number. If he cast a version for these devices, would complicate the system log and request an email address to make it compatible.
It is important to mention that if you put the same phone number you use in WhatsApp on your smartphone, the account will run only on iPad and you can not re-activate the phone until an hour at least . In the new window that is displayed, you must choose the WhatsApp application that you downloaded in the first point. The installation process will begin and will last just a few seconds.
Once installed WhatsPad, and can run WhatsApp and follow the steps on screen to activate the application. Share this interesting resource with friends on the major social networks using the buttons you’ll find at the beginning of the article. Thank you very much! A few months ago, the number 1 iPhone unlock website, aka Unlockboot, introduced a free IMEI checker with simlock status.Recently, Apple stopped giving free information about iPhone carriers. Now to check go on this link IMEI Checker and add here your imei code to find your info for your iPhone. JailbreakSet is a blog publishing the latest news and information about Apple founded in 2011.We are here to help you do the Jailbreak and Unlock your Device.
Once you click Identify button, redsn0w will fetch connected device’s information including its original carrier details and display it in a new window. Buying iPhone from either Second-Hand stores or through online companies is a very common thing. Always Check for any Hidden problems your iPhone might have, before buying it or ordering an unlock service.
There are a few things to take into consideration before determining if the iPhone’s price is good or not. These are real life examples that were reported by our visitors and I am sure that they will help you. One of our visitors found an iPhone 5s Silver with 64GB storage space and the price was $200. We received one more question from a visitor that wanted to buy an iPhone for his wife from an online company (Craigslist).
The iPhone, due to its Network, Blacklist and iCloud status, might not be usable with ANY mobile network and country. It's highly recommended that you perform an IMEI Network & Blacklist Check before ordering your iPhone Unlock.

Even if an iPhone has no service, no SIM card, and no activation on a CDMA network, you can still find out what cell carrier network the device was recently using or attached to by going to the device Settings. Aside from casual use and figuring out what network an iPhone can use, this can also be helpful for using ipcc files correctly. I bought it from someone a couple weeks ago, but he sad it was locked and he never gave me a sim card.
He did say later on in an email that it was from AU company which is one of the japanese companies I know of. I have a few iphone I got in bulk but all are factory reset so I can not access the settings to find out what carrier they are for.
My iphone was last used by a different carrier called Airtel but thats not the carrier it was locked to. Many of this services on net is not true and only give your money or will give to you not true info for your iPhone. You have to provide them with your IMEI number and name of the carrier which your iPhone is locked to.
This feature gives you each and every details of your iPhone 4’s internals including your carrier bundle information. Now you know the name of carrier your iPhone is locked to and you can easily get it unlocked from credible iPhone unlocking services. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. The reasons are very obvious and especially after a release of a new iPhone model from Apple. You need to search deeper before buying a second-hand iPhone, because there might be SIM-Lock, Network and Blacklist issues that are not visible by just looking at it. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In other words, if you have an unlocked iPhone that was bought off contract at full price, and you mostly recently used a T-Mobile SIM, it would show that.
For those interested in gathering even more information an iPhone carrier (an active one, anyway), entering into Field Test Mode settings has some much more technical details available, far beyond just telling you which cell provider a device is actively using. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Carrier only shows the last sim card used in that iphone pls help me solve this i wanna know the carrier its locked to.

Once you get there, look for CFBunddleName where you will see name of the carrier which your iPhone is locked to. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. We informed him to get the IMEI number of that iPhone and check its lock-status, its carrier and its blacklist status. Every iOS baseband hacker tried to crash this baseband and provide an unlocking solution but failed miserably. Checking carrier which your iPhone is locked to is a little tricky task and many websites took advantage of it and started charging a minimal fee for checking your iPhone 4’s original carrier. In simple words, we informed him to check if that iPhone is locked to a Mobile Network and also check if that iPhone is reported as lost or stolen. We suggested him to get the IMEI number of that iPhone (Photograph was taken from the owner – Always ask the IMEI number with a photograph) so he can also proceed with an Network and SIM-Lock IMEI Check service. This guide will teach you how to check your locked iPhone’s original carrier free of cost. After getting the IMEI number of that iPhone and he ordered an iPhone IMEI Check service, he received the following report.
The results came back and the report included the following: The iPhone was locked on a Chinese network and the price to unlock it was $250. You can always check to see if an iPhone is unlocked by trying to use a different provider SIM card, if it works immediately, you’ll know the device is unlocked. The iPhone was locked on Softbank Japan Network, it was reported as Lost and the original owner had activated the iCloud Lock. The total price was almost the same with a brand new iPhone 6 with 128GB, so there was no point of purchasing it.
This guide will save you some bucks and the headache of searching How To guides for checking your locked iPhone’s carrier. The conclusion is that he would pay $200 for that iPhone 5s, but he wouldn’t be able to use it at all, not even as an iPod Touch!

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