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If you have any 3G tablets or mobile phones there must be an IMEI number which is know as "International Mobile Station Equipment Identity".
To find out your device's IMEI number dial "*#06#" and it will appear a 15 digit IMEI numbers. Here is the All TwinMOS Tablet Firmware upgrade user guides and the latest version of firmware files.
Most of the Android users; who are security concern, they always like to assign password on their Tablets of Smart phones.

If you are looking for the firmware for the TwinMOS's Tablet TwinTAB- T714 you can download it from here now.
Here we make simple solution for all whoever are looking for the latest version  firmware of any models of TwinMOS Smart Phone. If you are looking for the TwinMOS All in One PC's Driver then now you can get if from here.
Example: If you are paying your cell phone bill, you should write your cell phone service account number here.

If your device doesn't has a valid IMEI number your service will be interrupted Like in UAE it's very strict and many non brands or chines brands mobile phone and tablet is unable to work inside UAE.
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