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In our survey of 8,000 readers of, over half of you (54%) admit to checking your smartphone within minutes of waking up on a typical morning.
Then we asked, whether you are more likely to check email and social media before or after your spiritual disciplines on a typical morning, 73% of you said before. We don't need charts to know we are quick to Facebook and slow to God, and this impulse is a problem if John Piper is right when he says, “I feel like I have to get saved every morning.
Put another way, whatever we focus our hearts on first in the morning will shape our entire day. So why are we so quick to check email and social media in the morning, and so slow to spend intentional time with God in his word and prayer? It seems to me that all of these six things are rooted in sin, rather than in the desire to serve others and savor God. We are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, strength when we wake up in the morning. So here are my six guesses for why so many of us are drawn almost addictively to consult with our phones when we wake up in the morning. Then maybe we can assume the role of being the informer, rather than the poor benighted people that need to be informed about what happened and if they were smart enough they would have been on their social media earlier. On the Internet, there is an endless stream of fascinating, weird, strange, wonderful, shocking, spell-binding, and cute pictures, quotes, videos, stories, and links.
So at least those three candy motives are at work in us as we wake up in the morning and have these cravings that we seek to satisfy with our phones. You may be in a season of life where what you meet when you get out of bed is not just boredom and not just responsibility, but mega relational conflict, or issues of disease or disability in the home, friends who are against you, or pain in your own body in your joints and you can barely get out of bed because it hurts so bad in the morning, and it is just easier to lie there a little longer.
So those are my six guesses for why so many of us are drawn almost addictively to consult with our phones when we wake up in the morning — candy motives and avoidance motives.
And what if you take five minutes to avoid the boredom and responsibility and hardship of the day only to find at the end of those five minutes of avoidance, you are spiritually, morally, and emotionally less able to cope with reality of the day?
Let the first thing out of your mouth in the morning, while you are still on the pillow, be a cry to God: “I love you, Lord.
So we watch in God’s inspired word for revelations of his steadfast love and his guidance for our lives, and a profound sense of satisfaction in our souls, that he is beautiful and he cares for us. Before you go to bed tonight, you make some choices and some plans to free yourself from the candy addictions and the habits of avoidance that have been ruining the strengthening potential of your mornings. To bridge the cultural gap within Christian Music by uniting listeners all over the world to join in the diverse listening experience we provide. The Checky app does point you to the other app they make for meditation, which isn’t free. Traditionally, strong radio waves are usually dangerous to humans and animals, and basically, the shorter the wavelength gets for higher intensity, the more damaging it is. Using the same principle of induction since the days of Nikola Tesla, wireless charging features two coils, one for charging and the other for receiving, and around them there is an electromagnetic field that allows energy to be discharged from one coil to another. Started in 2011, it has been seen by skeptics as a fraud since its developers refused to give up the details of how it works.
Using an ultrasonic transducer and the most complex acoustic phased array transmitter ever built, the sound gets to a receiver, like a microphone, and picks up the sound and converts it into usable energy.

This incredible new technology will allow to charge and send data to multiple phones or other electronics moving around in a room, while phones will be getting slimmer and more light thanks to batteries getting smaller since ultrasound charging could be anywhere without posing any danger to anybody. Samsung recently unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, and it’s pretty awesome.
So awesome, in fact, that it does a lot of things that Apple’s latest iPhone can’t do (and we’re not even including the differences between iOS and Android’s OS).
Because Samsung partnered with PayPal, you can use your fingerprint to make secure payments from your phone. The rear camera flash has a built-in heart rate monitor so you can check your pulse right from your phone. Oh, and the front-facing camera is better, too, so your selfies won’t be as grainy-looking.
The Galaxy S5 is also the first phone with live HDR preview, so you can see what the popular effect will do to your pic before you shoot it. The Galaxy S5 has an image chip that dynamically adjusts the color and contrast of the screen based on the light around you, so you can see it well in all environments.
In contrast, Samsung equips the Galaxy S5 with a 2,800-mAh battery and a new Ultra Power Saving Mode that turns the settings down when you're running low on juice.
Do you know you can check your SM ePlus balance directly from your phone and without the internet? The app uses NFC or Near Field Communication similar to wireless charging it will detect any magnetic field in its front radius. The problem comes when our phone is within arm’s reach and we grab it out of habit to check email and social media in our half-conscious state of sleep inertia — before our groggy eyes can even fully open. What follows is an edited and abbreviated transcript of what he said (which will be part of an Ask Pastor John episode next month). And I put it like that because I do think the Great Commandment sets the agenda for our mornings and our midday and our evening. Many of us now are almost addicted to the need of something striking and bizarre and extraordinary and amazing.
In other words, these aren’t positive desires for something; these are facing things in life that we simply want to avoid for another five minutes. They gave us a demo of the software, and announced two smartwatches that can be purchased right now.
Checky can help by telling you the number of times and where you do it using the location services built into your device. Usually, electromagnetic radiation has been often a dismissed issue by wireless chargers manufacturers, but this time this is gone completely.
This way current flows freely through the air between bipolar coils and recharges phones batteries. Instead of Tesla's electromagnetic fields that obviously transmit electromagnetic radiation, uBeam uses ultrasonic energy, or simply ultrasound.
Now they've apparently made the know-how public, explaining how and what uBeam does exactly.
When the phone gets low on power, it drops into a monochrome power-saving mode, which doubles the remaining battery life.

Samsung also provides a removable back panel that lets you replace its battery, either with a spare of the same size or a third-party extended battery. Geek tips: Try checking your ePlus card under the Light or sunlight you will see a wire circuit inside it. In the bedroom, our phone wakes us up, tracks our sleep patterns, and makes us available in the event of an emergency. Most of us like to be the first one to know something, and then we don’t have to assume the humble posture of being told something that smart and savvy and on-the-ball people already know.
One thing that they didn’t talk a lot about is what devices are compatible with Android Wear. This is the type of wireless energy that can reliably, and most of all safely, transmit energy wirelessly. On their official website, the uBeam team says they're using ultrasound that goes over the human and dog hearing limit at 20 kHz. With its puny 1,560-mAh battery, Apple's phone lasted a miserable 5 hours and 46 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which consists of continuous Web surfing over 4G LTE.
If there is nothing significant and positive and hopeful in front of us to fill the hope-shaped place in our souls, then we are going to use our phones to avoid stepping into that boredom.
Decisions have to be made about our children, the house, the car, the finances, and dozens of other things.
Or what if in your search for ego-candy, you find ego-acid, and people have hated you overnight? We want something that gives us joyful courage to resolve to count others better than ourselves and pursue true greatness, like Jesus said, by becoming the servant of all (Matthew 20:26–28). Most newer devices will be fine, but if your phone is a little on the older end it may not. If you don't pick up your phone much or buy a battery case, you can make it through the day with the iPhone 5s. In our fallen, sinful condition, there is an inordinate enjoyment of the human ego being attended to. Life is full of weighty responsibilities, we feel inadequate for them, and we are lying there in bed feeling fearful — maybe even resentful — that people put so much pressure on us. And what if you spend five minutes getting yourself happily entertained in the morning, rather than facing the responsibilities of the day immediately, and you find at the end of those five minutes that they have drug you down into silly, demeaning, small-minded, hollow, immature frame of mind? Because it can be used on over-distance wireless power transmission without endangering thousands of people's health. Some of us are weak enough, wounded enough, fragile enough, insecure enough, that any little mention of us feels good.
We are not attracted to this day, and we prefer to avoid it for another five or ten minutes.

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