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This scheme was exclusively launched to check on the faulty cellular services given by the operators from time to time.
In order to check the status of your Mobile Number Portability  you will need Mobile Number and UPC code.
Now you fill all the details like the UPC code, old number, and enter with the numeric number. I tried the given steps however my current service provider not support and therefore not working, please help me. The privilege offered in this plan is you retain the same number but only the service provider gets changed.

As the user is in a helpless position to change the number, he is compelled to accept the faulty services.
In the year 2008, this plan was unveiled by the then Telecom Minister, A.Raja, with four metro cities, earmarked for the inauguration of this service. Subsequently, this was decided that an operator would be fixed up for giving and operating all the mobile number portability solutions. In this facility, the number remains the same without causing any inconvenience to the user; only the cellular service provider gets changed.
Well if you have already applied for the Mobile Number Portability then you can follow below steps to check the status.

However if you have not yet applied, then you should check how to apply and Mobile Number Potability procedure here. This helps establish that your IMEI is genuine and there is no mismatch in this regard.Use Check IMEI for more information1.

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