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An update is currently underway and what you’re trying to access isn’t available right now. Last night, we told you not to stress about the merging of Hangouts and Google Voice because Google had reverted all of the early adopters anyway. If you are prompted to merge Google Voice with Hangouts, be sure to hit up this post on using Voicemail in Hangouts and this one on sending MMS.
Also, if you discover a trick to force this merger pop-up sooner, be sure to drop that in the comments. Not sure if this was a major coincidence or not, but either way the merge problem is now solved for me.
So I got it all working, but only have one issues now… How the heck do you select which account to send from on a new message, it keeps defaulting to Google Voice?
1) I was able to receive the notification by uninstalling the sideloaded install of Hangouts. If you still haven’t been able to merge them, you can force it through the settings on the Google Voice website!
2) There is still no way to speed dial conference call lines and have the pauses entered using a comma. Also, the default dialer in KitKat was significantly upgraded to include cloud-based caller ID and search for local businesses. If I do this, and then send a text message through hangouts using my google voice number, will the text message appear on my google voice website (as part of my history)? I believe I read you can unmerge by long pressing a contact then that thread at least should stay on Google’s Voice side.
Anyone else have HIGH PITCHED squawking sounds outgoing and completely normal audio incoming???? I appreciate you trying to help, but, no, this only shows up if you’re already in the group. I just want people to be aware, there is no way to force it if you’re not in the group.
I just got it to merge and it seems like it only works with your GV # and not your original mobile number.
Do you have HIGH PITCHED squawking sounds outgoing and completely normal audio incoming???? Yep and for guys like me that still have a voice plan that’s tiered, I can drop my minutes to the lowest tier, save $, and make calls thru HO, win! Was on a work conference call through Hangout (I have not completed the full merger) and walked outside. I didn’t get the prompt but, I was able to set the Goolge Voice settings like I had them for the preview rollout. I force stopped hangouts, cleared data, and uninstalled updates to replace with factory verison .

I then updated hangouts app, signed into my gmail and went straight to settings and the settings were there for the merge but no prompt, I set it all up and it works.
If I can have merged conversations on my Android device, why can’t I have merged conversations on my browser?! The update which went out to soak testers earlier this week is now live for all DROID MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini owners on Verizon. In addition to preps for Advanced Calling, Verizon and Motorola included bug fixes for a duplicate message error in the stock messaging client, as well as an improved UX in the visual voicemail client.
If you own one of these three devices, check your phones throughout the day and weekend to pull it.
Here is a screenshot of what your dialer looks like when in call with someone after you have subscribed to the VoLTE services with Verizon. Updated my Droid Maxx, added the VoLTE Subscription to my account through VZW ($0.00), rebooted my phone, and now I have HD Calling enabled.
Hey guys… this may be old news, but I did the update a few days ago, everything is running great.
The hand gesture to trigger the Active Display is broke, you now have to nudge the phone to display the active display.
It will likely be included in the upcoming push to Android 5.0 Lollipop, which I hope will be dropping in very soon. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Well, this morning, a number of our readers are once again being prompted to go ahead and bring SMS and Voicemails over from Voice into Hangouts.
We tried clearing data and stopping Hangouts, but that hasn’t helped activate the prompt to merge.
I never got the prompt to merge and my hangouts settings never had any GV# options other than the phone calls.
I know Smart Reply will select either Carrier or GV based on what number the previous SMS was sent to, but when I create a new SMS I want to able to select which account to send from, some times I might want it to go out via GV, and other times I want to send out via my carrier. Google may have rolled out Glass in the UK but we remain poor cousins for Payment and Voice. No prompt, but that’s probably because I got the prompt Tuesday night that did nothing. I tried to send a photo from my Verizon number to my GV number, and while SMS works fine the MMS never got there.
Go to settings – app mngr click hangout app and clear cache, clear data and force stop. I, along with others, did not get a popup message in Hangouts the second time, and had to go into the web setting per the instructions to enable it. What did you think it meant when the title says “GOOGLE VOICE AND HANGOUTS MERGING”?

Once I added the service after i reset the phones everything showed up in the dialer and it works really well.
If they have the VoLTE services as well you will see in an HD logo pop up in the top right corner and convened switch over to video if you want.
I know muting takes care of it, but would prefer to be able to disable the charging notification sound.
I decided to hit the number 1 and dial, it just kept ringing, but when I pulled the phone away from my face to hang up, the popup asking to merge was there. The Hangouts Chrome plugin does indeed let your send and receive SMS from your GV number, though. I have my Verizon VM forwarded to GV, but noticed that when the caller gets sent to VM, GV now rings for a full cycle until finally ending up in VM. Do the same thing with the hangout dialer and then, open the hangout app, you should see the merge prompt.
If there are those still waiting, perhaps they are in the group but do not realize it and these instructions will help. You should get a notification phone number confirmed touch to start a hangout or to click to continue. Before the update, you could pass your hand over the phone, and the Active Display would light up.
The video is great and a very nice addition to have – especially cross-platform (video calling on a Droid to an iPhone).
After I heard about the new feature for the new Moto X, I tried it and noticed that if my Maxx is sitting on a table, screen off, no active display, I can wave my hand over the top bezel area and Active Display turns on. In other words, the caller had to sit through two cycles of ringing before hitting any kind of VM. The only time you use your monthly allowed data is when you use the camera for video calling on the VoLTE. The call quality is much improved and sounds warmer – imagine HD TV compared to SD TV. I tried signing in and out of my account on both my phone and computer and 5 mins later i went to my hangouts settings on my phone and it was there. Looking forward to being able make HD calls cross-carrier not just from Verizon to Verizon.

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