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Before you commit to leasing or buying a place, make sure you get a signal on your cell phone, or you'll end up having to break your contract and going with another provider.
Net10 Wireless is a prepaid cell phone provider that offers a variety of plans in addition to the option to use your own phone.
NET10 Wireless is a no long-term contract, no credit check, no activation fee, no age-limit service. It offers three different types of plans: family plans, 30-day monthly plans and pay-as-you-go plans. The service has numerous Android phones ranging from basic flip phones ($30) to an LG Optimus Black ($330).
Viewpoints contributors praise the cell service as a great option for those who are new to using cell phones.
Many  NET10 Wireless customers seem pleased with the product, saying it is affordable and simple to use, with great coverage.
Both Straight Talk Wireless (another prepaid service) and NET10 allow users to provide their own phones, but NET10 is available at a wider range of retail stores (Straight Talk is sold exclusively at Walmart). As I checked a little futher into my bill, I found out they have been charging me this $9.99 Monthly Fee for One Year now!!!! There are a few more Companies doing the same thing: bid4prizes, motricity, flycell, Logia Mobile, etc. Today, after finally gaining access to one of the T-Mobile phone numbers (the phone just usually rings, and rings, and rings, with nobody ever answering it) I got to an automated entity that said I now owe T-Mobile $115.00. I found out that every month I’ve been charged about $100.00 too much due to the fraud! These charges have done so much damage that it is now imperative that I cancel my present bank account and start a new one.
The lovely young lady who served me at T-Mobile today (Tracey) tried her utmost best to try to get all these charges deleted from my T-Mobile account, but since I cancelled T-Mobile, her supervisor could not help me.
I am senior citizen who lives in low-income housing, living on SSI, and working with just one eye — the other one is blind. If you are willing to enter a contract with a certain cell phone service provider, but don’t want to lease the cell phone from the company, you may consider activating an old cell phone.
There are however certain requirements which must be met before you can activate a used cell phone. In order to make sure that your used cell phone is compatible with the service provider of your choice, you will have to provide the cell phone’s Electronic Serial Number (ESN). Another thing you have to ensure is that the used cell phone is not locked with a particular service provider. Once the phone’s compatibility has been established and you have chosen the right service provider, make a contract with the service provider and acquire a SIM card.
If it is not your first cell phone, you may want to keep the same cell phone number that you were previously using.

The first thing to keep in mind is that using your existing cell phone while you’re traveling abroad may not even be an option. The second thing you’ll want to consider is the expense of using an existing cell phone on a trip overseas.
The good news is, if you’re traveling with Discover France, we’ve made it easier and affordable to stay in touch while you’re traveling abroad. Lately we’ve noticed many of you coming to the site for information about the prepaid cell phone service, NET10 Wireless.
The cell phone provider‘s family plan rates start at $90 for two people and go to $170 for up to four people. Many reviews state that the service provides excellent coverage in even remote areas and with no extra roaming charges, makes the phone ideal for travel. Viewpoints contributors suggest using online customer service versus calling, but this may not be convenient for everyone. Although Straight Talk denies a data cap on its service, many users complain of slowed speeds with increased use of the phone’s service.
Check out this overview of the Viewpoints Category Expert Program, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply.
Have you looked at your Cellular Bill lately and actually went over it and find a few charges that you have NO IDEA what they are?
This will not only help you choose a monthly plan much cheaper than normal, but will also make the circumstances easier in case you want to discontinue the service. Install the SIM in the used cell phone according to the instructions given by the service provider. You want to come home with lots of things to help you remember your amazing trip, but chances are inflated roaming charges on your mobile phone bill probably aren’t one of them.
We’ve partnered with Telestial Wireless, a provider that specializes in mobile phone service for travelers. Just be aware that if you don’t plan ahead you could end up with lousy service or worse – paying extraordinary fees. To save you some time (and money), here’s what people are saying about Net10 and how it compares to other prepaid providers. Monthly plans begin at $15 for 200 minutes per month and $65 for an unlimited plan that includes talk, text messaging, data and international calls. Viewpoints reviewers like the coverage provided by NET10 Wireless but disapprove of the customer service. Due to this discrepancy, NET10 is offering free SIM cards for customers who want to switch to a T-Mobile SIM. Most of the blogs that I read up on from searching this company through Google had people saying they were able to get 3 months of a refund. Contact at least a couple of service providers and ask if they offer a plan which allows you to activate a used cell phone.

If you see a logo there, you can only activate the cell phone with that particular service provider.
Cell phones also provide a sense of security in knowing that you can easily call for help should something ever go wrong, wherever you happen to be.
To avoid this hefty expense, you can replace your American SIM card with one from the country you’re visiting. Together we offer our guests the choice of 3 different pre-paid rechargeable international cell phone packages, which start as low as $19 and can save up to 70% on roaming charges.
With Discover France, you can keep your loved ones up to date on all of your fun and excitement, and enjoy a homecoming that is filled with life-long memories, not expensive cell phone bills. The pay-as-you option gives you the choice to pay $20 for 200 minutes up to the highest option of 1500 minutes for $100. Different carriers use different technologies, so you’ll want to double check with your carrier prior to heading on your trip to find out if theirs is compatible. You can typically purchase these SIM cards from your provider before you leave for your vacation, or you can purchase one when you arrive – just make sure that your phone meets the above standards, otherwise it won’t work.
I then got a little upset on the phone and said they have been charging me since October of 2008 and then she came back on the phone and said she can refund me 4 months. Please do yourself a favor and take a look at your bill and Call up your provider and put a Purchase Blocker on your account.
For instance, at last check, AT&T and T-Mobile both used GSM technology, while Sprint and Verizon used CDMA technology, which, unfortunately, is not typically compatible for use abroad.
There are also phone rental and purchase options available, as well as deeply discounted calling cards for calls from hotel phones and other fixed lines. I did some research on the Internet to find out They are a third party application that finds your number and sends you a few text messages as Spam per month and AT&T (or any other service) is billed and in return bills us the consumer. This won’t interfere with iTunes purchases, but it will probably save you alot of money. Your phone must also be tri-band, meaning that it can work on the band in France, and unlocked.
If you’re planning a trip abroad in the near future, here are a few tips to help your cell use go smoothly and avoid any possible surprises on your bill when you return home. They could just put your phone number in and tell your provider you are using their service and charge through third party billing.

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