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Do you know that once you’ve signed in to your Google account, whatever searches you’ve done through Google search engine will be recorded in the Google Web History? Note: Deleting web history from your Google account will erase all items from your web history and stop your web history from being recorded in the future. Windows allows an easier way to search any item on PC from number files and folders using Search. The auto suggest is useful when you want to search for a item that you have searched earlier, so as soon as type any item on any search queries in File Explorer or charms bar you can see suggestion pop-ups, which are based upon your past searches into the Search Box.
Repeat the same process to delete as many entries as you want so that you will no longer see any search available in the search history. Restart your File Explorer and click on the search box, you will no longer find any search Auto suggest history or say all the past searches are cleared. The tutorial here shows you how to delete your past search from File Explorer on Windows 8. You tube is a video sharing website on which users can upload, watch videos online and can also share them. After clicking a pop up button will be displayed on screen for your conformation about clearing your history. After clicking a pop up button will be displayed on screen for your conformation about clearing your search history. Hope this will help you  to Remove Your YouTube Viewing and Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect.
This function is basically the same in all versions of iOS Safari, though it will look slightly different in the newest versions compared to the older versions. Modern versions of iOS make this a universal setting which removes cookies, history, and caches, whereas prior versions separate the three. In the older versions of iOS, you’ll need to tap each item individually to clear it, and if you want to remove all traces of your browsing make sure to do all three.

Also, remember to open a new browser window and close any open browser windows where you have surfed. However, this doesn’t clear website address matches that popup when typing directly in the address field. As a Facebook user, one would expect this option to be right next to the Facebook Graph Search box (the logical place) or at least included in the account settings menu.
While we’ll never know the logic behind why Facebook makes the decisions that it does, what we can do is walk you through the necessary steps to delete your search history. But before we do that, let’s talk about the impact of deleting Facebook search history. Outside of these two cases, there’s really not a need to delete Facebook search history.
Also, it’s not like if you delete your search history, Facebook cannot use your data.
For those of you ready to delete Facebook search history, there are two ways to delete your past search history. Question: While I listed a few of reasons why someone would want to delete Facebook search history, what are your reasons behind deleting it?
By going on the page You can find your search History in bing .If you want to delete all of them you search in bing, can click Clear all. Then click – Yes, clear all search history (to delete all search history in bing by you) .
You can simply open the search box and type in the name of the item you are looking for and Windows presents you with the results. Follow the steps here to remove or delete recent search or auto suggest entries or reset the Search Box in File Explorer in Windows 8.
Now, I am going to discuss how to permanently delete your you tube watch and search history.

If you just want to clear out saved passwords from web forms and what not, clearing cookies is usually adequate. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you want to clear the search history due to your privacy concern, simply follow the step by step tutorials below to get it done.
When you are watching or searching videos on you tube, the history gets automatically saved when you are login with your Google  account. If you want to clear all the browsing history of you tube then click on “clear all watch history” button. If you want to clear all the search history of you tube then click on “clear all search history” button. This video tutorial walks you through the process of performing each of these tasks on Facebook. You must have seen that when you start typing in the search option in the file explorer or start screen or charms bar it shows you the history of your recent search on Windows or suggest you. But if you want to delete selected videos history then select them and then click on “remove” button. But if you want to delete selected search videos history then select them and then click on “remove” button. In this tutorial we will be describing how to remove or reset the Search Auto Suggest History in Windows 8 File Explorer. Follow through the tutorial video to get rid of all of the annoying search terms that show up when you are trying to use Google search.

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