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After an introductory talk, the focus of Portals to the Past’s Roman workshop is life in Britain under the Pax Romana. Our standards: we aim to respond to telephone calls within 1 working day and all written correspondence (letter or email) within 5 working days. Get news by email [ibimage==518==content_embedded==none==self==null] Keep up to date with JRHT news. You're using an older browser which we no longer support - upgrade to a newer browser such as Chrome or Firefox and enjoy the best experience when using our site.
Your local electricity distribution company is responsible for the power supply in your area and they look after the wires and cables that connect your home or business to the National Grid.
To identify your electricity distribution company, find your supply number, (on any electricity bill - see diagram below), and use the two digits at the bottom left of the supply number to find which telephone number to call from the list below. For a closer look at our beautiful Florida Villa please feel free to browse our photo gallery.
The children will explore the dramatic change in the lifestyle of even the lowliest of citizens after the arrival of the Roman legions, take a tour through a bath-house, touch real Roman artefacts and feel the excitement of the games in the arena.

We will never give your details to any third party and we won't contact you more than 3 times a year. If you would like any more information about the rooms or facilities available in the villa simply call us at Wyatts Villa today, we will be happy to help. Kimbolton Prep, Cambridgeshire A perfect score for a perfect day.
If you lose your electricity supply and the power cut affects other houses or businesses in your area, you should contact your local distribution company.
You can use the two digits at the bottom left of your supply number (which youa€™ll find on your electricity bill) to help you find the number to call from the list below. In terms of educational value – it is priceless!Portals to the Past’s Roman activities for the morning include a Roman quiz, our maths-based game, Delta, helps children learn to use Roman numerals in an educational and fun way. The workshop leader will have a range of real Roman-period artefacts and high quality reproductions from everyday Roman life for a real hands on experience.
The afternoon starts with a display of weapons and armour, and features a guided tour through Boudicca’s last battle.

The climax of the day is your very own gladiator show, where the children assume all the important roles from the Emperor down to the slaves, and gladiators themselves. All the thrills and excitement of the Roman arena are brought to life in your school hall.Earsham Primary Norfolk Our Roman day was a success! Ian had a good balance of behaviour management, keeping the children interested and able to be light hearted with them.
It was good that the children could handle artefacts and the quiz keeps them moving around.

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