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SupplyNet, a manufacturer and developer of inventory logistics systems used in retail and wholesale for keeping track of merchandise as it moves from location to location, has announced that its wireless inventory system has been approved for use with Verizon Wireless.
While this service is used by businesses, it signals Verizon's move toward accepting 3rd party vendors, some of which will be geared toward us, the humble cell phone user. We show you how to take the guesswork out of picking out a wireless carrier with adequate coverage in your area.
Every major wireless carrier now offers nationwide coverage, but that doesn't mean all telcos are created equal. Cheap cell phone contracts for your household may not be the cheapest the service provider has to offer. Recurring monthly fees are usually one of the biggest concerns when South African consumers begin exploring cheap cell phone contracts.  This shouldn’t be the only fees you look at.
When you start breaking down coverage maps to different geographic locations, the difference can be night and day, especially the further away you get from major cities like Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco, to name just a few.
Just because the price is as low as it can go doesn’t mean you will get all the services you need.
If you are looking for cheap cell phone contracts, then you probably want to reduce your monthly costs.

Keep in mind you may encounter additional fees if you submit payment late or have to cancel service before the contract term is up. Over usage fees can get rather steep, but as long as you choose a plan that will cover your average usage plus a little extra, you should never have to pay those extra costs.  Don’t go for the highest plan that fits in your budget. Mobiledia has done the dirty work for you by not only digging through the FCC's database of registered towers, but also keeping track of non-registered towers, all of which are plotted using Google Maps. As the economy changes, some South African residents find it is more and more difficult to make payments on time. One way to help reduce debt (and the stress that comes with it) is to look for the cheapest cellphone plans to lower your regular monthly expenses.  Some people assume that the plan with the lowest price tag is always the most economical, but this is not always the case. Repeated late payments will mean that your fees will add up, further reducing the overall value of your plan. The following three myths can help you avoid common money-saving pitfalls so you make the best decision about your monthly cellphone bill. Additional minutes and text credits can be expensive, even with a traditional billing plan.
If you want cheap cell phone contracts, then stay informed of all fees possible, not just recurring ones.

Don’t jump directly to the bottom of the price list when searching for cheap cell phone contracts. Instead start with the plan that offers the minimum usage and service options that you will actually use each month. There have been a number of studies attempting to link cell phone usage with various types of cancers, and the largest study to date on the topic was released earlier today.
Unfortunately, the ambitious research project conducted by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) doesn't provide very many answers. IARC director Christopher Wild told Reuters that the results didn't allow the agency to conclude that any risks associated with mobile phone use exists, but "it is also premature to say that there is no risk associated with it." Helpful, isn't it?

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