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Occasionally, Bring a Trailer (really, their commenters) give off a bit of a nit-picky vibe, complaining about minutiae on cars that look like good, filthy fun. At (as of this writing) 110 comments, the general idea is that the shape of the chassis, the full-eliptical springs and the chain drive peg it as a 1910s-20s racer.
This one’s ridiculously difficult, as there were a ton of boutique manufacturers and coachbuilders back then, and racers were often cobbled together from truck frames with homemade bodywork and airplane engines. Obviously there are very knowledgeable people there, but I think a few delight in picking holes in every car that comes up there. Jalopnik is a whole different problem, there it's not a question of snobs trying to impress each other, but of kids and reprobates being rude and commenting in droves when they have nothing to say. But the BaT people are hardly the last word in internet-accessible automotive encyclopedism, that would be ateupwithmotor.
Whatever it is, it is not whatever it once was (which may have been multiple things over the years). Whatever it was, it is now just an awesome basis for what it could be, which is just about anything you'd care to dream up to do with it. You guys need to write a piece about stereotypical readers of the various car blogs (Hooniverse, Jalopnik, Autoblog, Hemmings, TTAC, etc.). I get so sick of agreeing with you all the time, Skitter, I wish you'd just be a jerk for one day at least.
The holier than thou viewpoint of certain sites, and certain writers for certain sites, really keeps me from embracing them. Yeah, I don't really know whats happened in the past couple months but its been rather disappointing. They still have some good content from time to time and I'm willing to give a page view to the articles that deserve it, but I refrain from reading the comments.
I watched from the beginning to see where they'd find their voice, and subscribed as soon as Spinelli took over.
I was thinking yesterday that the one advantage print has over the internet is a set content cycle.
So when I complain about all the drunk driver and celebrity car crash stories, it is completely futile and I am just wasting my time.
I shall have to remember to heart click you the next time I see your name as I agree with where you are going with this. That and now I have proof that the awesomeness manifesto or whatever the fuck it was is complete bullshit. See all this unpleasant stuff that showed-up, my guess is that this is what most of the comments would be like on such a story.

OK Hooniverse, so we got an ancient project car shell and a standalone Ford GAA V8 powerplant.
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On the other hand, it’s usually these nit-pickers that can identify the precise year, assembly plant and racing history of some car model that only sold 130 units. There’s a faction claiming the metalwork has to be from a WWII bellytank (looks more like a seaplane pontoon or home-fab to me), and that this is some kind of postwar retro-racer replica.
According to people who claim they should know, the chain drive looks too light duty to be a truck and the frame is too flimsy for the massive 10-20L engines typical of the era. Further complicating things is the fact that old racers tend to get more and more modified as time goes on, before finally retiring to sedentary life in front of a gas station or the like.
And as has often been stated, Murilee leaving Jalopnik was the last nail in its coffin as a real car guy site, especially vintage car guys, and a number of us here came dissatisfied from there.
While Hooniverse is only managing to cover the costs of both Hoonie and AtomicToasters, at least we're in a net-positive situation. I remember you guys leaving but I still had some hope in Wes, Sam, Ben and Murilee… but that hopes kind of gone now, isn't it?
I miss the old days when it catered to a gearhead audience instead of people who just like cars or drive cars and stories that are just tangentially associated with cars or transportation.
I'm going to reply to Wert in the comment I posted above in a reasonable and well thought out manor and probably lose my star because of it. They at least post useful information and product reviews as well as technical articles that are of actual value to their readership. You drive it just like a Big-Truck, from a dead-stop letting the clutch all the way out before you give it any Gas and then never using the clutch again until you hit a stop-sign (well don't hit it, stay left).
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The proximity to Indy has people speculating that this might be some kind of also-ran from the early years. Looks like somebody just had a ladder frame, some suspension components, some sheet metal, a riveter, and a very weird idea of styling.
It is a little sad but almost all of the people that I followed and read their comments are over here. By log In to your account, your account will be connected with truecaller, that is truecaller gets your name with your mobile number. We hope that teachers and maths students will practice math through our remedial materials and will give us feedback when needed. Anyway, this early 20th century looking thing from Monday’s Whatzit has generated a lot of ideas, but no consensus. We like him a lot, 'cuz he plays nice with us, so it'd be great to see him at least in a solid break-even-or-better position! I can hope it will change and be more oriented towards car people, but then again I can also hope that the government will balance the budget. If someone create an account on Facebook using mobile number, then you can search such user by mobile number.
I will continue to post there out of extreme boredom, but the site I originally joined a few years back is now dead. I am sure the answer is no, but too much of what we see today is written from the low hanging fruit of news articles and tabloid articles, and has nothing to do with automotive culture. I don't know how long I will keep commenting there if good articles do not show up soon. I stick around there because occasionally someone posts an intelligent question ( usually in oppositelock) and I enjoy having the opportunity to answer it.
I would submit some of my own, but sadly I do not think that they would be welcome as they would be useful and not simply written for cheap page views. Sadly though, it now seems to have become a popularity contest among commenters for who can make the silliest or most sarcastic post and not the one with the most insight. As such, it sometimes degenerates into frat boy humor and turns off adults from wanting to enter the discussion.

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