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Samsung, however, seems to be playing against you as it has made clearing your Android browser history in the TouchWiz browser an unnecessarily laborious task. You see, we've been visiting this website, and we wouldn't want anyone to find out about our secret obsessions! Not that most types are not cute, but I'm surprised the kitty in the pic was not a Sphinx due to their popularity these days.

However, if you've got that brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that so many people are talking about, you're bound to get your friends and acquaintances to ask you to look around it and they inevitably start to poke around in that most secretive of places that is your browser.There is just one step from embarrassment there, and as you are quickly thinking of a reason to get back your precious device, you realize that you should have cleared that browser history. Luckily, if you know where to tap, you can tap your way out of embarrassment fairly quickly.
So with no further ado, here is how to clear your browser history on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (and really on any other Galaxy device with the TouchWiz browser).

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