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Tamilnadu Employment Registration 2015 can be done online on the official website of TN Velai vaaippu portal .
Information has been updated recently for the changes made in the tn velai vaaippu website . Update : This page has been updated recently ( August 2015 ) and candidates who wants to renew employment details or Add more information can do the same as per the above given procedures .
Candidates who’re looking for TNPSC exams 2015 may check out the Annual Planner 2015 and also you can check How to Apply for One Time Registration at TNPSC website .
I am finished my registration on Kancheepuram employment exchange two years back and it has been verified by DEO(District Employment Officer).
Renewal is not accepted by the website, though I had tried many times during last one year. I didn’t renewal it on date, now is it possible to renewal it through online or should i go to office and renewal it. I am finished my registration on coimbatore employment exchange on 2009 and it has been verified by DEO(District Employment Officer). I HAVE REGISTERED ALL SSC ND HSC ALSO DEGREE BUT WHEN CLICKING REGISTER NUM DEGREE IS NOT SHOWING IN MY PROFILE .. Go directly to the employment office give a manual requested letter to renew ur seniority and problem.they will solve. When you think of buying a dream home, it is a onetime investment of your lifetime.  Chennai has become a favourite hub for real estate business.

There are certain major home vastu tips to be considered while buying an apartment or a villa in Chennai.
Investing in a home is an investment for peace, happiness, prosperity, health and wealth for everyone living in the house. If you already registered your qualification on the employement office or on the online portal , you can Update with additional qualifications .
You can take print out from within 7 days , once you registered additional qualifications on acceptance by the Employment exchanges. Candidates desiring to register their priority certificates have to submit a copy of the priority certificate by registered post or in person to the concerned employment exchange.
So candidates who’re newly lookin to register on the site or to renew may get easy info. My renewal date is may 2014 but now am entering to my employment id for renew process it is shown me lapsed.. It is a cosmopolitan city as can be seen from the different lifestyle patterns of the people residing here. The entrance to your home should probably be from north or north east and there has to be sufficient open space around the building premises. The endless property listings of individual sellers and builders in our website will help prospective buyers and investors take quick and informed property buying decisions while buying homes from budget homes to luxury homes.
The thought of homes is not only connected with specific features or desired location but also Vastu.

Vastu may sound religion centric but then it has become an indispensable factor in any property construction. Windows and doors should be designed and positioned appropriately so that there is sufficient cross ventilation of air throughout the house. When you see the promises like ‘find your dream home’, it also implies the emotional connect that is associated within the structural embodiment. The hall or living room should be centrally placed so that all other rooms or common toilets are easily accessible.
Builders in Chennai deliver projects that are vastu home plans compliant and even prospective buyers suggest Vastu related changes when they get to see the house plan. Toilets and bathrooms should be built in the south-west or south direction depending upon the wind direction.
Apart from these, the position of external staircase, kids room, common water tank and even the position of bore well or common well is determined based on Vastu shastra for home.

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