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Salvagers and refurbishers buy old cell phones and either strip them and sell the components, or fix them and sell them at low cost.
Disposing of old cell phones in the trash is illegal in some places because the batteries may contain toxic chemicals. Before you throw that old cell phone in the trash, or hide it away in a drawer, think again.
You certainly don’t need to pay to recycle an old cell phone, and in fact, most companies that recycle them get paid to do so.

Many schools and local charities now have recycling programs, and they do make a little bit on each donation.
You might also want to hang onto any accessories that you have, since things like chargers or covers can often be used with a new phone. You can drop off, mail or arrange for pick-up all of your obsolete electronics to All Green Electronics Recycling. I rolled my phone number to my new cell phone but can't remove the number from my old cell.

The phone recycling industry in the UK has become bigger and bigger over the past few years and is now starting to really take off in America.

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