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Now that Find My iPhone is free, I’m wondering what makes it compelling to still pay 100 bucks a year for MobileMe, a service that you can pretty much substitute for free by Google Sync.
Yes, you can have multiple devices, I have a couple iphones, a couple ipod touches and an ipad on there. The ace up the sleeve of Officer Garland, an avid Apple consumer was something called “Find My iPhone,” a free 5.4-megabyte piece of software, or app, that he had on the iPhone in his pocket. Punching in the victim’s Apple ID … he quickly determined by the location of a small gray phone icon on a digital map that the robber was near Eighth Avenue and 51st Street.
As Officer Garland and his partner drove there, the signal source shifted, closer to Eighth Avenue and 49th Street. Not only did he not do anything with it (except shove it in his sock), but he stayed 20 feet away from where the police were.
But there are steps you can take to protect your iPhone, or at least really annoy thieves after they steal it. The two features together have been very successful in curtailing iPhone thefts, since thieves are growing wise to the fact that Activation Lock makes it nearly impossible to turn off Find My iPhone, rendering their thievery useless.

Unfortunately, setting up the features is a little confusing, so we've decided to create a step-by-step guide to walk you through it. Google can help you find almost anything, but it’s no good if you’ve lost your smartphone – until today. There are some caveats: your phone must have the latest version of Android’s main Google app installed, and your browser must be logged into the same Google account your phone is, but it’s a much simpler way to find your phone than going through the Android Device Manager, which many Android users may not even be aware of.
There, a man later identified by the police as George Bradshaw, 40, of New Lots, Brooklyn, stepped outside a Food Emporium. Instantly, a pinging beep — not unlike the sound of a submarine’s sonar — began emitting from Mr.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Fortunately iPhone theft is going down, thanks, in part, to Apple implementing Activation Lock around six months ago. The search engine now has the ability to check where your phone is directly from its homepage.

You can then set it to ring, should it be lost under piles of laundry or something of the sort.
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Too bad apple doesn’t have the option of password protecting individual apps, instead of the lockscreen password. Cause even if you set up lock password for device, iOS still allow to shut down(and restart) device without password demanding. That way if you do lose your phone in a drinking establishment or something, someone that might happen to acquire it could still use it with no harm until you can walk up to them and say, ‘Oh, great!

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