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Every mobile phone has an International Mobile Station Equipment Identity which is most commonly known as IMEI number. If your stolen phone was based on Google’s mobile operating system (Android), then you can easily find its IMEI number by going onto the Google dashboard.
Move to Google Dashboard & sign in with same Google account that you had already entered in your lost phone. Hit the Android section and you will be presented with all the Android devices that you have previously connected with your Google account. Victor is a Android UI Designer and graduated in Mass Communication, so he always try to find some best communication products for different users. For other iPod models with displays, the Serial Number theoretically can be retrieved by selecting Settings > About and subsequently clicking and holding the center button, but in practice, this doesn't always seem to work.

Order Numbers are equally excellent in many situations, and even more precise, but they are not externally listed like Serial Numbers.
The software, which is called “Find my iPhone,”will be offered at no charge for customers who have upgraded to the latest iOS 4.2 mobile software.
This fantastic helpful tool helps in finding the region and current location of the smartphone. It may be necessary to instead read the Serial Number on the hardware itself or within iTunes on these models. Occasionally, there are different Serial Numbers listed on the hardware and in software due to manufacturing error as well. Serial Numbers are more precise than Model Numbers or EMC Numbers, though, which makes them the most precise external identifier.

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Well, all the cell phones have unique IMEI numbers that facilitate to find stolen phone with great ease. You can do this simply by contacting to your service provider and request to block your stolen phone.

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