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Windows Phones are linked to your Windows Live accounts which means that all your data is automatically synced with the cloud and also with this you would never loose your mobile phone.
This one works similar to the Apple iPhone where in you need to login to the Mobileme account and your current location details are tracked all the time. Next you will be shown with a page with the message of Find My Phone – Ring, lock, erase, or show your lost phone on a map. Message to display on locked screen (optional): Ring your phone at the same time so that people nearby will hear it.
The setup of this specific feature is very easy to set and is very much useful for people who fear that they may loose their costly devices. All modern smartphones can be tracked, located and remotely wiped if lost or stolen; we look at how to find a lost iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, or securely delete your data if the worst should happen. If your iPhone 5c is not keeping a charge or drains really fast you probably need a new battery. This week Apple formally announced the Apple Watch, which is set to launch on April 24, 2015.
The hardware features include NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, an accelerometer and gyroscope, a heart-rate sensor, Digital Crown, Force Touch, and Taptic Engine. Phone: see who is calling, use the built-in speaker and mic, transfer calls to your iPhone, or mute incoming calls. You can find us on the Ground Level, Mountain Side of Ala Moana Center,near Hawaiian Island Creations.
Why so expensive? Well smartphones are basically pocket sized computers, with a GPS, digital camera, and telephone all in one device.
The repair cost is not just about the cost of the part, you are also paying for the time, labor, and skill of the repair technician.
This cost does not take into account the skill level of the technician or any guarantee on the labor or part. Compare the free tools (left), with some of our tools (right), and with the ones on the iFixit site. Considering all that goes into a repairing a smart phone, you can see how repairs can become expensive pretty quickly.
Whether you are traveling by plane or car, or picking up family from the airport, these apps can help take the stress out of your journey.
Between party prep, holiday feasts, and gift giving there is a lot of shopping to do and purchases to track.
As more and more systems and personal data becomes digital, internet security becomes a big concern. The 1U app uses biometrics to grant you secure access to accounts, websites, and apps, while eliminating the need to type and remember usernames, passwords, and PINs. So, if you have trouble keeping track of usernames and passwords or if you are looking for a secure login for data sensitive sites on your mobile device, I would recommend the 1U app. Now that we have done some soul searching, let’s take a closer look at the protection, functionality, and style side of things.
If you have a physically demanding lifestyle or if you are prone to accidents focus on this category of cases.

If you are always on the go, use your phone for everything, or need to up your phone’s efficiency and ease-of-use focus on this category of cases. If you are about form over function, you want to accessorize, or just want to choose your phone’s look and feel focus on this category of cases. Now that you have an idea of the type of case you are looking for, let’s take a closer look at the cases themselves.  How do you choose between the different styles and materials?
Spyware gathers and transmits information such as web history, browser information, system information, IP addresses,  and personal data.  It can change computer configurations, collect advertising data, track frequent internet searches, and cause your browser to redirect to other websites.
Ransomware will lock down your computer and display a message (often claiming to be from a law enforcement agency) requesting payment to restore computer functionality.  Like its name suggests, ransomware blackmails the user demanding money to release control of the system.
Rootkits are software that conceal malicious programs and hacks.  They can keep malware code from being read or removed. The symptoms may not always be obvious.  So make sure you protect yourself from malicious software. First, familiarize yourself with the types of malware and common sources.  The more you know the less likely you are to become a victim of malicious software.  Lucky for you, you have done just that while reading this blog! Update your computer regularly.  Operating system updates can fix bugs that may be exploited by hackers. Be cautious of third-party software or applications requesting access to programs or system info.  If it seems fishy it probably is. Although these tips will help prevent infections, nothing is completely foolproof.  If a virus or malware happens to slip into your system, come see us at Tech Armor.  We can have your computer cleaned up and running again in no time!
Someone to mark your appointments in your calendar, make sure you arrive at work on time, or remind you to grab AAA batteries for your TV remote next time you go to the store?
Just remember, although your phone may be working there are no guarantees after liquid damage.  There may be corrosion in places that cannot be reached or minor damage that can worsen over time. Don’t worry, Apple has built into its operating system a couple great features that help you control your mobile device’s access levels. Want to let your kid play Angry Birds but you need to make sure they wont get into anything else?  I know from experience it is quite easy for tiny people to grab your phone and start pushing buttons.  The next thing you know your contacts are gone and you have been locked out of your phone by a 2 year old! This was always a favorite of mine to keep my toddler nephew from accidentally pausing his favorite Mickey Mouse show or leaving the app with the home button.  It is also a great way to keep a movie running on an iPad in the car, when little fingers get curious and you can’t take your eyes off the road. The Allowed Content section lets you filter content by what is age appropriate.  You can restrict music and podcasts with explicit content, select allowed movie and TV show ratings ranging from none to all, restrict apps base on age rating, or decide if Siri can perform web searches or accept explicit language. The Game Center, lets you turn on or off multiplayer game function and the ability to add friends.
Although both Guided Access and Restrictions are great tools for parents, they are not just for kids. Guided Access can be used in a number of ways:  Keep your iPad locked on a document or slideshow during a meeting or presentation. The service is linked to the backend of Windows Live account and whenever you are connected to the Internet your current location through GPS check-in are sent to the cloud.
This facility is available on all the Windows Phones currently available in the market and you can easily find your misplaced or lost mobile phone by just connecting to the internet on your PC and checking out your account. The browser would ask to install additional plugins like Windows Media Player 11 which is optional though.

Along with this you can Ring the phone for one minute using a special ringtone even if its on silent or vibrate mode, following which on the screen the lost message or return note would be displayed and the password would be asked to enter in order to continue.
Apple's Find my iPhone introduced a rather compelling idea -- one that involves locating your phone by tapping into the GPS lock that it was holding onto in someone else's arms. All will be water resistant and have a variety of color, material, and style options for their bands. OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are made by the manufacturer that made the original parts for the phone. Add rent and employee pay, because remember a repair store is a business with all the associated expenses.
To begin your search for the perfect case you must first take a good, long look at yourself.  Ask yourself some questions:  Am I a dropper?  Am I prone to cup-holder accidents? Look for:  reinforced corners, grips, screen protectors, dust filters, button and port covers, impact absorption, anti-scratch coating…. We do what we can by cleaning the device and replacing damaged parts, but you may still see problems in the future.  I have seen water damaged phones last days and I have seen them last years. A few weeks back, Big Red announced a similar service for VZW-branded BlackBerry, webOS and Android phones, and now that Windows Phone 7 is making its red carpet reveal, we're learning that Microsoft's newest mobile OS has similar functionality baked in. The LCD is very thin and can easily be cracked and overheating when softening the glue to remove the glass may damage of discolor the LCD. And if you do happen to need a repair, come to Tech Armor for high quality parts, high quality service, and 90 warranty on all parts and repairs.
Do I need something easy to spot?  Do I lose everything not attached to my body?  Am I a battery hog? The feature is teased in a new Microsoft video that shows off the cloud functions of WP7, which also demonstrates the phone staying in sync with contacts added on the PC, playing Xbox LIVE with friends and shooting an image on the phone just moments before viewing it on a Windows 7 laptop. So whether your glass is cracked, touch screen is not functioning, or the display does not work, one part replacement fixes it all. Most often this type of repair is done with special machines that regulate heat and are calibrated precisely to separate the glass. We're hoping to get a better idea of how the handset recovery system works (and how much it'll cost) a bit later in the day, but for now that aforementioned video is embedded just past the break.
By checking a few basic functions before and after a repair we can determine if anything is out of place or damaged and resolve the issue. The Taptic Engine produces a new style of haptic feedback, sending a tap sensation to your wrist.
If you have ever had a repair done with us at Tech Armor you may notice us going through a few things on your phone. Before a repair we check for any additional issues and after we double check that everything is in working order.
Anyone can watch a YouTube video and and replace a part but how many people can do so reliably and with lasting results.

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