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Where can I find the model and serial numbers for my Digital Music Player or other Portable Audio devices? From learning how to use the Calendar and Alarm clock (pagee 58), How to download games or applications from Google Play, Play Music, Add a contact, to taking photos or recording videos tutorial are all available. You can also learn to search Radio Station, Identifying music with Track ID, find location on the maps, Pair the bluetooth, Connect the Wi-Fi to Hotspot area, Sync the phone with PC via USB cable, Or using pattern lock and password. If you want to Reset your Xperia E after using it for a while, back to original manufacturer condition (software), go to Setting > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.
Because the phone’s internal memory only available with 2GB (user availability), there no way you can store enough video or music in the phone. I purchase Sony XPERIA E c1504 , this phone is not connected the Netgear wifi it is a big proble please solve my problem. Using Download Manager would give you a stable download process on downloading the PDF File. Ok, there is no difference between 200 & 211, still same bugs, I thinks 211 is just a regional version of 200, cause there were no 200 for arabic region before.

I don’t understand how sony can do this to us when we paid 16% more bucks than the Xperia S! There are two version of Sony Xperia E, derived depend on region and data networks carrier: C1505 and C1504. If you are not even familiar with Sony smartphone, you still manage to be able to understand the phone features outside body part by learning from the Use Guide: Phone Overview. As you must knew, Xperia is trade mark used for Android Smartphone by Sony Manufacturer (previously with Ericsson, known as Sony Ericsson Xperia). That’s why you need additional memory card (external slot microSD) if you want to save more music, or photos, or videos. It says Adjust date each time and even though I adjust it, it says the same again and again.
In this section wrote on page 12 and 13, you’ll be able to know the parts and keys such as Home key, Menu key, Volume, Headset jack, strap hole and the most important button, the Power key (number 5).
The picture below besides giving you a tutorial on how to insert the microSD external memory, it’s also giving you a guidance on how to assemble the battery, insert the SIM and of course remove and attach back cover casing.

You can't find many elaboration about the features or applications by Reading the Manual.
The update appears to be rolling in the Middle East and Russia right now, but will hit other regions in due course. Then people will complain about the fact that Sony release to many phones until everybody praises Honami. A popup window appears with the serial number, as well as battery and connectivity information.

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