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For the ultimate up-to-date Optus experience, take a minute to upgrade your browser Click here to upgrade. When changing SIM cards all of the information saved on your old SIM card including contact numbers maybe destroyed. Don't forget to download the Optus App where you can easily manage you Postpaid or Prepaid Service. Activation usually completes within 15 minutes to 4 hours, you'll receive an SMS when it's ready to go!
Within 5 minutes you'll receive an SMS from Optus advising that auto-activation is complete or that your number will port to Optus within 2 business days. The 10 digit mobile phone number that you're transferring over from another service provider.
Check your most recent mobile bill from your previous service provider for your account number. If you're transferring from a Coles Prepaid Mobile, call us on 1300 644 741 to activate. If your Postpaid Mobile Phone number has been suspended or cancelled, call us on 133 937 for assistance with reactivating a service. Activation normally occurs within 15 minutes to 4 hours, unless you're transferring (porting) your number over from another phone company outside of these times. If you request to port your number outside these hours, your service will remain active with your existing provider until the next porting day.
Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. How about taking the SIM out and see the number printed on its back side (the other side of the contact surface) or next to it? Because of the huge number of different models of Android phone and the wide range of different software versions, you may find that your handset doesn’t have the SIM number in the same place.
On another note: Many Providers forget to configure the SIM Cards phone number onto the SIM Card. If you find out what the number is and want to correct the problem for the future, check out this thread. Dialing *1# in my LG P500 resulted in a message MSISDN:YYXXXXXXXXXX, where YY is my country code and XXXXXXXXXX is my 10 digit mobile number.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sim-card or ask your own question.
Why do some mobile apps have mute buttons when the device has physical mute & volume switches?
If you find one sim card and you don’t know the mobile number but you can find the mobile operator in case the operator name was printed on Sim Card. I have mentioned the shortcut keys for all mobile operators to get your own mobile number and for unknown Sim card. Though Ready SIM works only in the United States, it's actually a Vancouver brand that operates alongside Roam Mobility, which provides mobile service for Canadians crossing the border.
Switching from one phone to another used to be as simple as merely taking your SIM card out of your old phone and putting it into the new phone. Smartphones and tablets are now using either a nano, micro or mini SIM, which makes it difficult to simply transfer your SIM to a new phone. In order to use your existing mobile service on a new phone (that uses a different sized SIM), you will need to transfer your number onto a new SIM card. To find out what size SIM your new device uses, check out our handy Smartphone and Tablet SIM Size Guide. Know that you know what SIM size you need, you can get the appropriate sized SIM card from your carrier. Carriers can send you the SIM, or if you are in a rush, you can visit one of your carrier’s retail stores. Before contacting your service provider to process the transfer, ensure you have the new SIM card with you. While the transfer is being processed, do not put your new SIM card into your new phone, wait until the transfer is complete.
Once the service drops out on your current phone, that means the SIM replacement is complete, and you can now insert the new SIM into your new phone. To open the SIM tray, insert the SIM eject tool or a paper clip into the small hole next to the SIM card tray.
If you can remove the back cover from your smartphone, chances are the SIM is housed underneath the back cover, near the battery.

To insert the SIM, you will need to remove the back cover and insert the SIM card by sliding it into the SIM card slot.
If you require a SIM replacement, Phonenomena can process this for Telstra Business customers.
Once you've got your hands on your SIM, follow the steps below to get it up and running asap! More information on Postpaid service restriction and disconnection is available in this article. Nexus devices, Moto X, Moto G), you can find this by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> and this is listed as ICCID.
Either calling another phone with it and checking it via Caller ID or if that doesn't work, call the Provider and ask for it via the SIM Serial? In other case, some people have a chance to forget their own mobile number at the time of newly purchased or for old sim cards. I successfully tested in following operators: Airtel, Tata DoCoMo, BSNL, UNINOR, RELIANCE, AIRCEL, and VODAFONE Etc. Ready SIM launched a line of SIM cards in January with voice, text, and data, and on Friday, it began offering data-only SIM cards that cost from $15 for 500MB to $40 for 2GB.
Described as a self-activating SIM card, the data-only version automatically activates when inserted in a mobile device. Even so, the company can attribute much of its success to travelers, who often purchase Ready SIM cards before arriving in the U.S. No matter whether it's Prepaid or Postpaid all the info you need is available in these quick and easy steps. For those who are struggling with this type of words, here is the trick to find the mobile number of any known or unknown sim card in India. In case you don’t know the operator of the sim card, you test one by one as mentioned below. Ready SIM also runs its own private Access Point Name, a proxy service so it can't see what users are doing on their mobile devices.

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