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The US and British visa offices have pre-programmed procedures when it comes to issuing visas, if you do not fit that template criteria, which most Africans do not, then you will waste countless visa application fees, other transactions fees necessary for you to go through the visa process and a lot of precious time. Do not apply for a visa if,1) you are employed in the informal sector2) you are not employed, above 18 and someone else is meeting your travel cost3) if your family leaves overseas, they say CHANCES are you will not return4) if you have applied before and was denied, its downhill from there until they choose to forget about it5) If you are going to make the visa officer aware of his robotic attitude towards your application process6) if you call your father's brother 'father' and this makes absolutely no sense to the visa officer and you have to explain7) If you have green a passportThe African context is different and requires a different approach which will probably cut down significant amounts of bogus travelers.

Most Visa processing agents need to push numbers therefore will submit a person's visa application without significant vetting.
I waited in HK for 48 hours, went back and through a plate glass window was handed back my passport with a RED stamp on it rejecting my application and in the process highlighted in bright colours that I was thus perceived to be an undesirable visitor.

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