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There are a number of reasons such as registering your phone for some services, checking unlock status, warranty status, etc. We all know our phone number but in some cases many of us cannot memorize the number such as if the number is new or you have changed the phone number recently. Every Sim card has a unique number which is called integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID). This is a very rare case when a user forgets his  own number and keeps on searching for it desperately.
A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. How many of you have been in that situation where you are not able to find out or recall your own mobile number? So, what else can you do in such cases.?Before I tell you the codes that you need to dial to find out your own number, lest me tell you an easiest way to know your number. But the above method is useful only if you have already saved your number in your contact list.Most of the time, this is not the case. But , there is nothing to worry.I am going to give you a few codes that you will have to dial in order to get back your own phone number. Please Bookmark this page so that you will be able to recall your codes for your respective networks as and when it is required. Refer to the Below Image to know about the Code that you will have to enter to get your own number. However,if you find out any other alternative toll free code , then please leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this post and wish to be informed whenever a new post is published, then make sure you subscribe to my regular Email Updates. This is my first post and I'm not an expert in troubleshooting android, so kindly spare with me in case my questions are primitive. 1) I have confirmed the GSM bands of i317 (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) are definitely supported in India. 3) WIFI and bluetooth seem to be working fine(when connected from external sources) but signals are getting dropped intermittently.

4) 3500 mah Battery which is newly installed is draining way too quickly, even in the standby mode(7-8 hours max). If your recorded IMEI is different to the IMEI under your battery then you will not get a mobile connection. Before posting here I read some of your comments on similar threads but couldn't find a way to message you probably because I'm a new user. By ok, do you mean IMEI shown by the device is legitimate(since it confirms the IMEI shown by *#06#)? Since you mentioned that the firmware is updated, is there any way to confirm that the IMEI shown on the device is the actual one? Are you saying that the sticker that the IMEI number is printed on does not look original??
Remember: this is only an indication, Samsung Service centers have the final decision about the warranty. So you replaced your Metro simple card with Att’s, put in the script above and it worked?
I took my t mobile sim card out, put my Att sim card in, entered the info as stated above, saved it, restarted my phone; and got an error msg.
I do know for sure that Wifi calling will not work outside of T-Mobile, so that may be an error you’re seeing. This is the reason several methods are there following which easily you can find your phone number. He confirmed the IMEI is clean and the phone was working on his T-mobile sim so the phone is definitely unlocked.
Also Im able to see APNs being read from multiple sims and only while setting up mobile network Im getting the error message quoted above.
I checked the IMEIs but both of them seem to be genuine and dont appear as blacklisted or stolen.
I liked the fact that they have an unlocked boot loader and I am trying to cut down on my outrageous phone bill. Also I dont get any prompt to enter unlock codes so I think the phone is definitely unlocked.

I wasn't quite sure before whether my issue is qualified enough to be posted here but your response is overwhelming. I can confirm from actual usage that AT&T’s service works GREAT on the T-Mobile Galaxy S4! To this day my T-Mobile S4 has been working flawlessly with AT&T with the above settings. At times, you may require your Sim number and situation may occur that you cannot memorize your own phone number. So, knowing the process to find out these information such as serial number, Sim card and phone numbers of your iPhone becomes important.
These are explained here.First go to the Settings menu, General and then About will provide you all the details such as serial number, ICCID and other details. If you already know the steps, then really great but if you do not know then follow the mentioned steps below. Here the first 14 digit MEID is the IMEI number.Another way to get the serial number is from iTunes.
Next, locate your iOS device there and click on the summary tab which will provide all the information.
Just check the bar code on the package and you will find out the serial number, IMEI, MEID and ICCID over there.There is one more way to find out the serial number that again involves the iTunes account.
This process is helpful when you have lost the device and want to know the details to get the phone back. If the device is already lost then check the original device packaging to get all the details.

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