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Given that one teaspoon of granulated white sugar is equal to about 4.2 grams, our Kit Kat bar contains nearly three teaspoons of sugar.
Thanks to the Sugar, the chocolate bar tastes great, but each gram of sugar contains about 4 calories. So to burn off the sugar in our Kit Kat bar we would need to burn off 4 x 11.25 = 45 calories. In terms of Physical Exercise, a person of average weight would need to either skip for 3 minutes, or ride a bike at a fast speed for 3 minutes, or go jogging for 3 minutes to burn off these calories.
In this lesson we look at Finding the Percentage Amounts of items using Decimals and a Calculator. The following examples show how to work out Percentage Amounts by first converting the Percentage to a Decimal.
This video shows how to convert the % to a decimal, and then multiply by the number to obtain the answer.
Note that you need to mouse over area names on the map to find out how many squares they actually are.
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For example, I’ve always had a problem with this one – when someone says something’s value has doubled well that’s actually only a 100% increase, and when it has tripled, that’s a 200% increase.  When the value has gone up say fivefold that’s a 400% increase on the original value. So bookmark one of these sites for future reference when you perhaps want to clarify percentages you’ve been given or you want to calculate percent increases or decreases on your values. In this arithmetic basics tutorial the author shows how to find the percentage of a number. The plan also includes links to online Budget videos, a ‘chop or not’ game, VAT calculators and more! Also suitable for underpinning L1 Functional Maths, and linked to Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC). You will automatically receive notification of each new lesson by email, as well as access to Free Mathematics PowerPoints and Posters. Email us at the hotmail address shown below with any comments, ideas for articles, or to report any broken links or blank images on our pages. There are actually quite a few websites that will calculate percentages or percent increases and decreases for you. Just fill in 2 values and it calculates all the unknowns including the percentage increase or decrease. It is staggered to build up skills slowly – making it particularly good for the less confident learner who needs lots of practice. Use individual sets for targeted revision or mix with other sets of cards for general revision.

The mathematical focus is on percentages (VAT) but it also covers rounding and extracting data and can be used in mixed ability classes from E2 -L2. He says that if we find the percentage of a number where the percentage is less that 100, then the value of the number reduces.
They work out how much their card is worth then the “winner” or person whose card is worth more keeps both cards. Remember that the original value is 100% and if it triples, its value becomes 300% of the original, but the percentage increase is only 200%. Similarly if we find the percentage of a number where the percentage is more than 100, then the value will be more than the original number.
We all did percentages in school  way back when and some of us work with them in our daily lives but they can still be quite difficult to visualize.
He suggests a small trick to move the decimal point of a number two digits to the left to get it divided by hundred. And in the headline above ‘iPhone sales grow 142%’, I guess they are saying that ‘sales increase by 142%’. The author demonstrates many more similar tricks and short cuts using which one can easily solve percentage problems.
So if you are looking for a good tutorial on how to solve percentage problems watch and learn from this video.

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