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Fraction, Percentage & Decimal GridThe Fraction Grid shows the relationship between fractions and percentages on the front face with the equivalent decimal values on the reverse.
By folding the fraction grid down the vertical channels, children can discover that one quarter is the same as 25% and 0.25 etc and by folding the grids again and again they can find the equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals that make up 1.
There is also a percentage calculator on the page to support you work through practice questions. The worksheets in this section contain a range of percentage problems set in different contexts. We also have a percentage increase calculator that will work it all out for you at the click of a button.
Our online percentage practice zone gives you a chance to practice finding percentages of a range of numbers.
We welcome any comments about our site or worksheets on the Facebook comments box at the bottom of every page. Given that one teaspoon of granulated white sugar is equal to about 4.2 grams, our Kit Kat bar contains nearly three teaspoons of sugar. Thanks to the Sugar, the chocolate bar tastes great, but each gram of sugar contains about 4 calories.

So to burn off the sugar in our Kit Kat bar we would need to burn off 4 x 11.25 = 45 calories.
In terms of Physical Exercise, a person of average weight would need to either skip for 3 minutes, or ride a bike at a fast speed for 3 minutes, or go jogging for 3 minutes to burn off these calories. In this lesson we look at Finding the Percentage Amounts of items using Decimals and a Calculator.
The following examples show how to work out Percentage Amounts by first converting the Percentage to a Decimal. This video shows how to convert the % to a decimal, and then multiply by the number to obtain the answer.
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