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Till now you may have understood the real reason why we made this website and who will really gain access of this facebook account passwords hacked accounts.
Losing an iPhone is a terrible feeling, so if you ever happen to be in the position of finding a random iPhone somewhere, maybe in a coffee shop or on the street, you should always do the right thing and try to return it to the proper owner. When you find someones lost iPhone, if it’s a fairly new model, you can almost always find the owner and the owners contact information simply by asking Siri.
You’ll see a list of the iPhone owners name, what they go by, their phone numbers, email address, and address, providing you with more than enough information to be able to help identify the rightful owner and help to return the device to them as soon as possible. This Siri trick also assumes the found iPhone has not been placed into Lost Mode, which typically shows a message and a users contact information if it was used properly. I really have no desire for a thief that has just taken my iPhone now know all of my contact information, as well as my home a work address. It sucks that I have to disable that feature, as I liked voice dialing from the car using Siri. You’ll can voice dial via Siri in the car or any where else as long ae the iPhone 5 or newer is charging.
Call me paranoid but if someone steals my phone I don’t want them to know where I live and work as well!
As a compromise I have Medical ID exposed when locked, phone numbers only so they can call one of those to find me.
For few years now, I have my own way that gives me peace of mind if I loose my iphone, wallet or keys. Except then you lose the useful functions, like getting directions home form Siri, auto-fill for forms, etc… Having a fully populated contact has its advantages. Being forced to use a stripped down version just for home screen security has far more drawbacks in daily usage.
Kind of hilarious to find that some think so poorly of the human race that they are thieves with no Samaritans in their midst. In the right hands, it parlays a lost phone into a full blown identity theft candidate generator.
Better may be to put your self as a contact in the Lock Screen Emergency page set up via the apple health app. Is there not a way to only display a work number or to edit the amount of info shown> This is definitely a security concern as I use the info for maps, reminders, hand free dailing so turning all that off would make me loose a lot of features that Siri performs.
I had multiple contact cards for me, for some reason; probably from various consolidations on iMac and iPhone.

When my phone had PASSCODE TURNED ON, SIRI would NOT come on, & would NOT provide any info.
So, just to recap here, SIRI DID COME ON with my contact info when NO LOCK was enabled on the phone. Good for you Ramesh, return it to its rightful owner, that is the original purchaser of the iPhone. I find the debate about how to put your contact information into a phone electronically, and how to limit that information to exactly what you want to share, to be a bit funny. This is simple, cheap, effective, and you are 100% in control of what you write on the paper. The only problem would be if the paper gets wet and can’t be read, but if an electronic device gets that wet is it fixable?
The iphone I have found has the mobile data off and it wont be able to connect to wifi so siri wont help me.
Of course that’s sometimes easier said than done, but everyones favorite virtual assistant Siri can make the job significantly easier by helping to locate the devices owner. Some users also use an identifier message as their locked screen wallpaper, which is a great lower-tech tip too, but not practical for everyone. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Emoji works for this too, but you’ll need a picture of the emoji character to assign for each contact. It must really be hard to be paranoid about everything and go through life worrying constantly or perhaps they have something to hide? I had all of my previous addresses in notes, for example, just in case i need to answer questions. But you also get linked contacts (if you used call my mother in law, Siri makes a link), phone number, birthday, a lot of info that can be used as a basis for identity theft. Your contact card contains all your personal info, (assuming u entered it) like most people do. Without the Passcode on, the phone not only shows our id, but opens our mail or anything on our phone. If a thief finds the device they will only see what you want them to see, assuming that you can lock out all other access by the thief.
As we said above first of all you will need to watch the complete video which is available at our homepage.

Afterall facebook is really strict about their security and its really hard to get the access. Siri can do some stuff on a locked phone but is fairly limited, hardly a security concern for most. 1 – Write your contact information, as much or as little as you want to make public, on a small strip of paper.
If an honest person finds the device, they will probably find your slip of paper, and will be able to contact you.
We have done extensive testing on this subject and created a web script which really can hack someones facebook account without knowing the victim. After watching this video you will understand how easy its to hack facebook account passwords. Also while hacking facebook accounts our script uses different IP addresses and we don’t keep our users data.
This script is actully first tries to get the email address of a victim and based on some coding it gains the access of Facebook security questions of a person then it fetches the answers of all the security questions, Once all the answeres copied to database then it tries to check the location of a person from where he login into the account, based on that it selects the geo located ip to login into the account. I called their carrier and asked if I took the phone to one of their stores, would they be able to track the owner and return the phone. 3 – Put your device cover or protective case back on your device, thus hiding the strip of paper and keeping the tape and paper from peeling off.
Here you will need to enter the facebook account id of a person who you want to gain access of the facebook account.
The answer was disappointing, they basically said that if the owner has a new sim, and a replacement phone, they will not have a record, as they don’t track old sim card identification information. But even if you fails on first attempt you can always give it a another shot and this time our facebook account hacking script wont fail for sure. We provide this facebook hacker┬áservices for only educational use and most of the times we are helping out people who are really in trouble in there lifes, Such as a husband who wants to know online social friends of his cheating wife, Parents who want to monitor their kids online activity. You will see the facebook profile image of a person, Where you can verify whether its correct account or wrong facebook account.
Also, if you haven’t done so already, tap the question mark on the lower left when you activate Siri.

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