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Update: Many commenters on this site and others have suggested these maps show the world has plenty of space for billions more people.
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If you enjoy what you just read, please consider supporting the site with a monthly recurring donation as a Sustaining Member. Having lived in Manila, I can tell you it is by far the densest city I’ve ever been to.
Those communities were served by utility districts that were created in the ETJ of the City of Houston with the approval of the city. I think Manhattan in New York and the Tokyo 23 wards are the most densely populated among the wealthier nations. The secret to Tokyo’s enormous population is more that it maintains a high-ish population density over a very large area. Would love to see someone pick this up and calculate the cost of infrastructure for each scenario.
Not to mention that it is really NOT feasible for all of population to live in one dense area, and we would not be able to only occupy that space.
I suppose you could create food that is in itself more efficacious, so you needed less agricultural output.
I am simply astonished at the breathtaking level of paranoia and cluelessness some of the responses tot this infographic show! NO ONE is actually proposing this be done – it would be impossible and undesirable for all.
It is men to give an eye-opening comparison of how widely varied settlement density actually is.
I remember reading that Buckminster Fuller believed we could create habitats that allowed us to be comfortable in 700 Sq ft per person.
I agree with you on this one, they are some very interesting maps and spot on on the quality of the graph but what you are trying to represent… I note quite sure. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need to think about all different types of people who are looking at this and try to make it so everybody can understand it.

I would be interested to know (and see corresponding maps of) how much agricultural land is required to feed 6.9 billion people at the densities listed above? Yes, it’s true, Houston is by far not the densest city in the USA (even if we are the 4th largest in America), but there are other things to consider that might make more Houston denser than you think. I can keep going on and on, but the point being is that we can compare bits of info based on data we have, but to truly know how dense a city is, I think we should have better iinformation on true population counts, and then base it on land that’s actually developed and inhabited. One problem is that food production in keeping with the low impact philosophy would need to be lots of small organic farms, maximizing their local crops. I have done something similiar by calculating how much space would it be requiered in four different scenarios; from 1, 10, 100 and 1,000 sq mt (square meters, not miles) per person. Based on my own region and country geographic size just for comparison resons, some of my students end very surprised.
Email us to get an instant 20% discount on highly effective K-12 Math & English kwizNET Programs! After your first search, you will notice that you now have a lot of photos of adorable dogs; however, some cats have managed to sneak in there too. If you want a specific type of image, an illustration instead of a photo for instance, you can use our check boxes (also in the REFINE YOUR SEARCH box, to the left). As for the most densely populated city, Manilla is a frontrunner, and is often cited as the densest city in the world. They were annexed into Houston when the tax revenues generated by that community exceeded the liabilities (debt owed for infrastructure). We love to think we are an intelligent species, blah, blah, blah, but really, we’re pretty much just mindlessly reproducing and randomly dying off like any other organism. The agriculture needed to feed the whole population would probably occupy most of a continent, and likely more than that depending on where the city was located and the efficacy of agriculture used. IT IS SIMPLY a way of communicating information about the varying levels of density of different places. Aim different from yours, but connected: what are the different pop to surface density profiles.
We also pride ourselves on our many city and county parks, as well as parks from local subdivisions.

To filter the cats out, we can use the Exclude Keywords field in the REFINE YOUR SEARCH box to the left of the search results. Let’s say you want your dog to have a yummy bone in the image, you can do so by typing bone next to adorable and dog on the search bar right below the REFINE YOUR SEARCH title.4. Just check the type of image you want - image, illustration, or vector - and the search will exclude the others.5. But I have a hard time believing the density figures given the extensive shanty towns (this made it difficult to get a reliable size estimate to make the map).
This is a model used by the city countless times and there are hundreds of these special districts in this area. It confirms what I know observationally from living in two of the cities: that SF’s population is quite dense and Houston is sprawling! Due to fears that they might get deported (even if US Census doesn’t report them to ICE), many choose not to participate in the census.
How much land would you need to feed ten supercities of 30 million each if you only used small organic farms?
Those on the southern coastlines could get electricity from solar power, while those in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest could use wind and tidal. You can remove other unwanted subjects (children, for instance) from your adorable dog images by adding words like children, boy, girl, and baby, just to be safe. To switch sort order, use the links on the upper right corner, on top of the results, as shown below.
Rail systems would link the pop centers and new neighborhoods would be built around light rail stations.
If you check out Houston’s history, there has been many times the city has incorporated different communites and towns into the Houston ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction).

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