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One of the more common use cases of Enterprise 2.0 is finding expertise within a large organisation. Our friends at Socialtext are quoted as saying that 70% of searches on a companywide intranet are people searches, which more often than not are unsuccessful.
An internal directory, which can be potentially pre-populated from existing data sources, could be a great way to start deploying social software within your organisation. Thanks Larry – do you find most SNA’s manual or have you seen any good auto-magic ones? In an organization, SNA of individuals could raise some tricky issues if used inappropriately. I think SNAs are great (and Steve is right about Atlas) however you really need to be able to access the communications going on inside an organisation to do it and that is not always possible.
However (and to the point of a very good post) building a good, fully searchable directory is key and a great starting point. Effectively discovering emerging topics, shared expertises, experiences and experts can really make the difference on the bottom line and social media (other then email) make up another enormous and valuable archive of information that can be analized and measured in order to optimize your organization, spread innovation or fuel change management.

Tracing missing kin, whether it is a missing father, missing mother, missing son, missing daughter or missing friend, can involve mixed emotions. Another of our specialities is beneficiary tracing where we have been instrumental in bringing good news to many people, some of whom were on hard times with nothing to look forward to, and suddenly all their wishes came true with a knock on their door from D-Tect and their associate company staff of find a person. Tracing debtors is another area where we exceed most expectations when our clients only know their debtors have gone away.
These search results will be presented to you in less than one minute from the beginning of the search.
Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Find a person that loves you for exactly who you are! MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. While most of the benefits you cited can be achieved also through social networking on a personal level, what you often miss is the bigger picture at the organizational and intraorganizational level. Some issues involve a lot of emotion and we consider our duty of care and responsibility to all concerned as paramount.

We operate a system of no trace - no fee with regard to debtor tracing nationwide, and our success rate for finding debtors is one of the highest around. It's a fact of life that some people just don't want to make contact with a long lost family member, and we have to respect those wishes.
Our tracing services, particularly in relation to missing family and missing friends, stretch both nationwide and worldwide and we can relate numerous success stories of families and friends being re-united, making what we do a really worthwhile task.
Skriv persons navn i sogefeltet eller abn menuen med alle AU's afdelinger for at liste alle ved en afdeling. A sales rep who knows the right person to talk to in accounts to book that deal right at the end of the quarter to make his target knows this – as does the journalist who needs to find someone who works for her publication who happens to speak Chinese and English fluently in order to meet her copy deadline. On the contrary, we have been involved in some fantastic reunions over the years and these make up the majority of all the cases we are instructed in.

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