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Simon of Maldon Jewellery aims to help his customers by providing tracking information in emails. Simon explains that if you want to track a parcel sent through Royal Mail you’ll probably got to their home page and enter your tracking number.
Simon had a play with URLs and discovered that the following format will auto insert the tracking number and display comprehensive tracking information. Simply replace AA000100019GB with your valid Royal Mail tracking number and email the URL to your customers. While I was on the phone about another issue I told Royal Mail I had refunded the customer the extra postage charge so how do I go about reclaiming from them. When the parcel is actually signed for and on Royal Mail’s tracking online and can be shown as late, they will refund you over the phone.

I had the same with a special delivery and they dealt with it over the phone and sent me a cheque with the refund postage.
I phoned up Royal Mail on Friday and told the lady I would like a refund completed over the phone as per what I had been told and she said no. I told her that when I spoke to her colleague I was informed that it could be refunded to my OBA account.
I was too busy to follow it up on Monday so phoned RM back today Tuesday and as soon as I mentioned a late Special Delivery the lady said, without me prompting her, that she would process the refund. The refund was completed very quickly over the phone and our OBA account SHOULD be refunded. One thing to mention though, is that there is a 10 day window to claim your special delivery fee back.

Not only does this enable you to give detailed tracking information to customers that request it, but you can also send them the information up front. I didn;t realise and the nice lady told me I was on the ninth day and just something to be aware of.
This site gives detailed tracking information for the UK, Russia, Canada, US and Australia. It, to find gps locators be hard wired into yourmay mena suvari hair, Advanced gps locators uses, arewholesaler for check your car for shop.

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