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As a maker myself, I’m always excited to come across kindred spirits who devote themselves to handcrafting something beautiful, functional, and personally fulfilling.
It’s hard to tell whether their process stems from pursuing quality or personal indulgence, but Bloodroot Blades uses only found, recycled steel to make their knives.
The final aspect I admire about Bloodroot Blades is that their knives are emblematic of their lifestyle.
Jake Eshelman (founder of Procured Design) is a Houston-based writer whose work investigates, appreciates, and promotes contemporary creativity.
In addition to his work for Procured Design, Jake also works as a freelance writer, photographer, & branding strategist. When I was doing my research, I found true guacamole has no garlic in it, and lemon is used as opposed to lime. Welcome to The Cookie Writer - a Canadian food blog that crosses all food brackets and allows people from all over to come share and discuss their favourite recipes! QuoteOriginally posted by N1njai Pretty good, I'd get one, just beware of theives. Most of our pieces have spent decades on at least two continents, and have been treasured by several owners.
This complex cast continues a bronze or brass casting tradition long established at the capital city of Fombam in Bamum that flourished after late 19th century contact with German colonial officials in providing works for Europeans. That spark (or creative drive if you will) is inherently magical, and there is perhaps no better model than that set by Luke and David of Bloodroot Blades. To find, test, and forge scrap steel is a rather unsound business model, but according to Luke & David, it is also incredibly rewarding.
What’s amazing about Bloodroot Blades is that they use what is referred to as ‘unknown’ steel – namely steel whose functional and molding characteristics are (as you may have guessed) somewhat ambiguous. Given that almost everything they make is custom ordered, you can also supply personal materials for them to use. Both Luke and David share a deep-seeded interest in environmental sustainability – a concern that manifests through their relationship with food. His interest in the creative process itself spans a wide variety of genres, extending from modern haute couture to age traditional eastern paper-making.

As such he draws on his background as printmaker, musician, carpenter, and designer to inform his interactions with budding labels established clients alike. Please share:Avocados are something that I never experienced in my childhood, but have come to LOVE. Dan would eat it everyday if he could (or if we could find avocados that are not overly ripe during the winter months.) He used to be the guacamole maker but he now prefers my version.
The lime and lemon are there to stop the oxidation of the avocados, but I really like the taste of lime in my guacamole so I add in a lot!
What car is it?Rough gold rims always look nice on white cars.I have a 93 Delsol Vtec on sale on the bay area for 2900. The complex patterns and interwoven designs provide an extraordinary backdrop for the sculpted facial expression. Among other miscellany, the duo specializes in crafting a wide range of one-of-a-kind cooking and utility knives.
They frequent junk shops, flea markets, barns, and even attics looking for discarded materials to repurpose into blades and handles. To work with unknown steel requires a lot of patience and expertise because it needs to be tested by a metal smith before it can be used to ensure that it’s of good enough quality. I’m traditionally a cherry burl kind of guy, but I’m drawn to the possibilities behind their phenolic laminate handles. In addition to supporting local farmers, both smiths maintain individual family gardens and chicken coops.
Whenever possible, he also collaborates with other creatives on special projects and is always looking for an excuse to try something new.
Fresh cilantro and jalapenos work well in guacamole too, but I am not a huge cilantro fan so I tend to leave it out. Mash until you reach desired consistency (chunky or smooth.) Add in garlic, salt, and freshly squeezed lime.
I absolutely love guacamole in my burritos, on my tacos, in my sandwiches, and basically anywhere I can add it!
Of course there are downsides to this method (like time and money), but it demonstrates how passionate Luke and David are about their work.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, this process essentially encapsulates layers of woven material in resin. To borrow from the Bloodroot Blades mission statement, if you are going to eat locally and sustainably, why not use tools that are made following the same care and conviction? It even makes my vegetarian sushi adventure that much better (I love any rolls with avocado in them!) When I was a child, I saw guacamole at restaurants, but never touched the stuff because it looked awful. Play around with the recipe, it will all depend on the size of your avocados (ours are usually quite small since they do not grow here.) Another helpful tip is to make your guacamole in a mixing bowl that is not metal. I also love that this method imbues every blade with a unique story and past life, whether it was a recovered saw blade or Nicholson file. In the case of beads with fine strings in their design, a syringe is used to produce the long, thin wax pieces which are then wrapped around charcoal to leave a hole during the heating process.
Bloodroot Blades often uses burlap bags from their friends at Jittery Joe’s Coffee Roasters, but you can preserve virtually any fabric imaginable. And if nothing else, it’s always important to celebrate those who care enough about their work to do it right. We prefer extra lime juice and less salt, but others may prefer lemon or limes, or no garlic at all. Conceptually, a fabric handle may sound a bit strange, but it makes for a stunning visual contrast against the smooth resin. As the wax melts and is “lost”, molten brass or gold is poured into the mold to form the bead or ornament.
When the metal has cooled, the molds are broken open and cleared away and the new art object is thoroughly cleaned and shined before it is presented to the world.

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