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How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to Well did you know that it is actually pretty easy to find out who a phone number belongs to with something called a "reverse phone number lookup". How to find out who a phone number belongs to, Streetdirectory phone guide is a one stop information for all your phone needs. How do u find out who a telephone number belongs to, How do u find out who a telephone number belongs to?
Did someone text you or call you, and you want to find out who the phone number belongs to? Reverse phone lookup directories and reverse cell phone lookup directories pay the communication companies good money for a complete list of people’s information.
Even if you don’t expect to use the service much, unlimited searches if often nothing more than the price of two individual searches.

You will need to use a  reverse phone lookup directory that will give you access to this data for a small fee. In order to cover the cost of obtaining such an extensive list, they must charge a fee to those who use their service. This means that for the price of two searches, you can search the database as much and as often as you like. You can often choose to pay for the cost of just one search or a one time fee for unlimited searches, often for life.
Lifetime searches could come in extremely handy, especially with the growing number of cell phone users in the world. If the call came from a business or anyone who wants to be reachable by the public, you are likely to find the number and its source in your search results.

Since the number is through a mobile carrier, you cannot use a reverse phone number lookup service to track it as cellphone numbers are expressly excluded from these services. Instead, try using a people search service such as Intellius or Spokeo to see if you can find who owns the number.
For example, both Verizon and AT&T offer services that temporarily block certain callers from calling a specific mobile number.
Telephone carriers cite privacy concerns as the reason they cannot share these numbers with customers.

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