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If you want to find out the computer model name and the serial number of your Windows PC, here is a simple way to do it using the command prompt.
First, open a command prompt and type in the following command to get the local computer model name.
If you cannot see a computer part number or the motherboard details, when looking at system properties.  Check this post if it is either blank or display To be filled by OEM.
Windows Password RecoveryEasily reset your locked Windows admin and other users' passwords. Windows 8, as well as most operating systems and other software, a license key is required entered into the installation wizard.
If you accidently lost the confirmation Email or packaging and can't find documentation of your Windows 8 product key, you should ask help for a third-party software program.

Follow the steps below to find lost Windows 8 product key by using Windows 8 product crack software. This step is optional: Click "Save" to save the retrieved Windows 8 product key in a text file on your computer. Tips: You can request a replacement product key from Microsoft or you can buy Windows 8 product key again. Find product keys for many software programs like Microsoft Windows, Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Internet Explorer and etc.
Windows 8 Product Key Finder is the correct tool you can utilize to crack windows 8 activation key if you are about to reinstall Windows 8. Click "Get Key", and your Windows 8 product key as well as license of other programs are listed.

However, using Windows 8 product key crack software is the most cost-effective and efficient way. Typically, your Windows 8 prodoct key should be in the confirmation Email you received after buying Windows 8 for download, or in the packaging if you purchased it in a retail store, or on a sticker on your computer if you purchased a PC with Windows 8 preinstalled. It can find Windows 8 product key, Windows 8 Pro product key, Windows 8 Enterprise product key, Windows 8 RT product key.

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