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HOW TO FIND THE IMEI NUMBER ON IPHONE 4Att unlock my imei stands for some unlocking methods. Follow up on your support, check your device status, request a repair or recycle your device.
If so, try similar or less specific keywords, for example, "Wi-Fi password" instead of “WPA key”. It helps mobile companies identify valid subscribers and the type of mobile phone equipment being used.

It showed in the specs as factory unlocked but when I tried to use it with Tmobile, it shows as locked and does not let me go to Settings. Incase of mobile phone theft or lose, you can request mobile company to disable specific IMEI number to prevent use of stolen phone.Check phone IMEI number using command1. If I try to activate it from the beginning, it displays a message that the problem is with the SIM card by not being unlocked and can not go forward.
Here XXX is 15-17 digit number which is unique for every mobile phone.Check IMEI number from battery1.

It should have 15-17 digit IMEI number of your mobile phone.Make sure you note down mobile phone IMEI number in safe place.

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