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In case your iPhone gets lost or stolen, you can easily track the location using Google Maps and send a SMS on your iPhone which will appear on its screen even if it is locked. After you find out the location of your stolen iPhone using Google maps, the sound that you play can help you in tracing the thief within that area. ABOUT USTechBuzz brings you latest news about Technology, Computer Tips and Tricks, Gadget Information, How-To's - all under one banner.
However, most of them come with some or the other drawback and end up being unsuccessful in tracing the device.

21 Feb 2011 At last, dentist Belinda Carver-Taylor was sitting in the new mobile dental clinic with a child before her. On September 14th, the IRC Silver Spring transformed its conference room into a dental office for a day. Mantoni, the Mobile Dentist, a leading dental care practitioner in Silver Spring, Maryland. The SMS and the sound can work as an alert for the culprit to return the device back to its owner.

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