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If you're using Internet Explorer, 'compatibility mode' can also affect the way this site looks. If topping up for the first time, you will get an extra £5 free credit (does not apply to the giffgaff website's own free SIMs). Alternatively Giffgaff vouchers can be bought in most shops providing Epay, Payzone or Paypoint services.
Once you have enough credit, you can choose a 'goodybag' or 'gigabag' to suit your calling needs. In addition, when you top-up, you can have free giffgaff to giffgaff calls for the next 90 days. WE recommend to top up by a minimum of £15 as to get unlimited calls and text to O2 UK mobile phones.
The company aims to focus on providing international services for UK residents, for example inclusive minutes in a tariff to call different countries as well as data packages- it provides these kinds of services in many countries all over the world. Some Lebara tariffs include 1000 minutes of calls to a country of your choice, free credit when you top up a certain amount, a China pass with minutes and data to China, Lebara to Lebara free UK calls and data passes which help you access all of your favourite apps and websites for less.
You can now also purchase your smartphone through them.Focusing on its niche as a telecommunications company providing international services, Lebara has a number of other products. Lebara Money provides international money transfers in a speedy manner to around 310,000 locations around the world.

It allows users to send money instantly between linked prepaid cards and you can also send mobile top up credit to friends and family overseas. You can use the service anywhere- home, at work or on the move and you can also get affordable exchange rates for your money and the transfer fees are low.
Lastly, you get peace of mind that your transfers are secure. Lebara aims to provide support for all of its customers, from anything to helping you set up your voicemail to topping up credit and beyond.
You can get a SIM card by registering online and it will be delivered to you within three working days. You have the option to choose between a free SIM card or one that is filled with call credit so you can use it as soon as you have activated it. The porting process takes 5 days and you will receive ?4 of call credit when you top up for the first time. The team can also help you with setting up the internet on your device in three easy steps which can be easily dictated to you via the medium of SMS.
Lastly, the team can talk you through the range of great tariffs that are available to help you make the most of your mobile and keep in contact with friends and family across the globe.About LebaraLebara was founded in 2001.
The founders of the group worked on the idea after seeing the Telenor building on the way to the airport in Norway. The original offering from the company was international telephone calling cards which were sold through phone shops.

Following the success of that, in 2009 the company began using Vodafone’s infrastructure in the UK and Australia. In the UK, the group decided to focus on the 16-24 student population by targeting freshers fairs and using emails.The company currently operates in Denmark, France, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and the UK.
It employs around 1,400 staff in total and was recently awarded a licence to commence operations in Saudi Arabia.Lebara To Relaunch As A Hub For Migrant Workers February 18th, 2015Lebara looks set to take advantage of the increasing global migrant community, which looks set to grow to more than one billion in the next five years.
There are also extra functions to be added to the company’s existing services that will allow migrant workers to pay for hospital care for their families at home.Chief executive of Lebara, Yoganathan Ratheesan, said “The migrant market is underserved in many parts of the world. The award was made on the basis of Lebara’s strengths in customer service, innovation and outstanding commercial performance.
Lebara is passionate about making a difference and improving the lives of our customers and communities through low cost, high quality mobile services, and these awards are fantastic recognition of our team’s hard work and commitment of which I am very proud.” DISCLAIMER Customer Service Guru is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Lebara.
The direct contact number for Lebara can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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