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Daca ai gasit acest produs in alta parte la un pret mult mai bun, poti trimite vanzatorului linkurile ofertelor. Retaining a substantial amount of battery is an ongoing challenge for owners of mobile devices, particularly as, with each new release, vendors are packing in more and more great hardware features. When shopping for a new smartphone, we tend to have our own ideas regarding what specific features and assets will lure us into making the purchase, and an interesting piece of research on smartphone buyers has shown that while, generally speaking, men and women look for the same kinds of features and functions, there are some notable differences.
We reach for our phones throughout the day to send texts and tweets, read emails, check the weather and perform a multitude of other tasks. We’re very excited about the new Hitman game that our friends at Io-Interactive are developing, but as you might know, we’re creating other Hitman-related things here and we want to share some of our plans with you. Every year in December, the Google Play Store picks the best apps of the twelve months previous, and today, the time has come for the 2013 round-up. BlackBerry may find itself facing a whole myriad of troubles in the consumer and business smartphone market, but it seems they still have one extremely loyal and extremely influential user.

Although Google spends a great deal of time updating and improving the general functionality of its wide range of products and services, often, the search giant comes through with some nifty customization features.
Over the past couple of years, many suggestions have been made that smartphones and tablets, as well as other digital devices, will begin to take advantage of flexible display technology. We’ve become increasingly aware of how important it is to protect privacy and personal data in this modern digital age, and whenever there’s a risk of said information falling into the wrong hands, it’s only natural that we pay attention.
But as well as the battle in keeping the juice-o-meter sufficiently nourished, there’s also the issue with charging times, with consumers often forced to wait for hours before a device reaches the magical 100% mark. The so-called Boeing Black is the Chicago-based company’s first push into the realm of secure smartphones. Smartphones are so ingrained in daily life that it’s not surprising that addiction to such devices is on the rise. With the end of the year quickly approaching, we’re going to be seeing a lot of these “best of” lists, and although you mightn’t agree with every single one of the Play Store picks, there’s still bound to be at least a few gems in there for everybody to appreciate.

Fairly soon, your Google+ profile will be the subject of deeper integration with your Android smartphone, becoming the profile picture seen by those who call, and so long as you’ve gone through the process of verifying your phone number in the first place, anybody ringing you will see your Google+ image.
Yet while the concepts and such have been aplenty, we’ve yet to see a smartphone rocking a flexible display, but for those sufficiently intrigued, you won’t have to wait much longer to see one.
Plans were filed this week with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), but Boeing is releasing few details publicly about the device. President Barack Obama became extremely well-known for relying heavily on his BlackBerry handset during his initial 2008 presidency campaign, and it seems his trusty smartphone has stayed by his side ever since.
Apparently, Google keeps a log of every Wi-Fi password ever entered into an Android device, and although humans do not see these passwords, the mere fact that they are there will be disconcerting to some.

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