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Did you know that that the US government offers free government cell phones and free monthly cell phone service to millions of Americans at no charge?  Well, it is absolutely true!  This is one of those rare cases where free actually does mean free. The LifeLine Assistance program is a federally funded program that offers free phones and phone service to qualifying participants in government assistance programs and low income households.  Participants in LifeLine Assistance programs can choose to receive a free cell phone or a free land line and ongoing free phone service.
If you qualify for a free cell phone you will not be charged connection fees, have to sign an annual contract, make a deposit, or pay monthly service fees for the cell phone.  The only requirement that you must comply with is the annual certification requirement for ongoing service. The LifeLine Assistance program has been in existence for close to twenty years and has helped millions of Americans stay connected to loved ones, friends, and employers.  These dependable  programs are not going anywhere. At the present time, you can get a free government cell phone in close to 40 states and the program is being introduced into new states at a rapid pace. The most popular government cell phone used in these programs is the Kyocera Jax, which is a stylish and compact candy bar style cell phone complete with a color LCD.  It packs all the basic functionality most users need and is very easy to use. In addition to your free government phone, you can typically expect to receive from about 60-250 free long distance and local cell phone minutes per month depending on your state of residency and the program provider’s guidelines. Text messages are generally not included in the basic packages.  However, users can opt to add text messaging services by paying a small monthly fee. Assurance Wireless is a managed by Virgin Mobile, which is a subsidiary of Sprint.  It is a the fastest growing free government cell phone provider and is currently operating in close to 26 states. Tracfone a prepaid wireless cell phone provider based in Miami manages SafeLink Wireless and it is the largest provider of free government cell phones. Since all of the companies mentioned above have to comply with government standards and requirements, the qualifications required to get a free cell phone and the actual program .  If you do not know which program to apply to, we invite you to review the information we provide on this site, learn which if any of the free government cell phones providers are in your state, and choose a provider based on that information.
Sure, it may defeat the purpose of a truly hands-free set, but imagine the entertaining looks you'd receive from cars stopped next to you at traffic lights -- not to mention the police. Q Link Wireless: Q Link Wireless provides a free cell phone and free monthly minutes to qualified Lifeline participants.

Your exact benefits, including the number of free Minutes you will receive, depend on the state you live in. Sad thing is, people such as myself and my family that has paid into it my whole working life, can’t get more than $4 a month from welfare.
Safelink wireless provides phone to government help programs, perfect for the elderly for emergency phones all the way to the frugal families.  They are also known under other alias such as Telcel America, Net10 Wireless, Straight Talk, Tracfone.
If you currently reside in a state where free government cell phones are not currently available, you can still qualify for a free land line under the same free government phone program. 250 minutes is not a huge amount of time, but it should be enough for important calls to family and potential employers, and for emergency use.  For users that need more time, additional minutes are available for an added fee (this is not mandatory). SafeLink Wireless is available in 34 states and there are plans to introduce the program in over a dozen other states in the near future.
A  This one also DOES NOT require a credit check or deposit and there is absolutely no contract involved. Through the Lifeline Service you will receive FREE cellular service, a FREE cell phone, and FREE Minutes every month! Features such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail are all also included with your service.
I was hurt in an auto accident about a year and a half ago, disabling where I can’t work.
Please view the list for the most common qualifying programs that most the customers are in, chances are if your already in one of the programs you will qualify for the Safelink free phone service. SafeLink Wireless Service does not cost anything a€“ there are no contracts, no recurring fees and no monthly charges. If you need additional Minutes, you can buy TracFone Airtime Cards at any TracFone retailer Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, etc).

Living on my wife’s paycheck as a cashier in a grocery store, my 5 year old is the one suffering because of getting screwed over. We try very hard to weed out scams and fake offers to provide only the best freebies and offers! Today they operate all around the world, their child company Tracfone is the largest cellular provider in Mexico controlling over 50%+ of their mobile phone market shares.
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