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The Quick Access Toolbar lets you add commands that are always visible to you while working with the Workbook.
If you feel the Ribbon is in your way, you can double-click the active tab (the tab that is highlighted) and it will minimize the Ribbon. The aim of this exercise is to get the worksheet name populated in Cell A1 of every sheet to produce a neatly linked header.  In the long-run this will be one less thing to change if the file is carried on into next year as there will be no need to change headings and worksheet names, we can just change the worksheet name. If you type =CELL(“Filename”) into any cell of a saved workbook then it will return the full path, file name and current sheet name back into that cell. The format of the text string is always the same with the filepath followed by the filename, which is encased in square brackets, followed lastly by the worksheet name.  This reason this is important to note is because it means as long as we always pick up the text after the closing square bracket we will only be capturing the worksheet name, and that is the aim.

The MID statement is an effective way of cutting out a portion of text from a text string.  We can use this to tell Excel what part of a text string we want to keep making it perfect for including in the solution to this problem.
This is where text refers to your cell or text string, start_num is the position you want to start counting from and num_chars is the number of characters you want to include. So with the MID statement and the Filename statement we are nearly there but one last mention is needed and that is the FIND statement.
The FIND statement locates a character in a text string and tells us what position it is in.  In this example we have a closing square bracket which we have identified is our key character, we want to make sure the MID statement takes everything after that closing square bracket.
This is where find_text refers to the character (or sequence of characters) that you want to find and within_text is where Excel needs to look for it, i.e.

2)      We know how to chop out text from one position to another in a text string using the MID statement.
This solution is good to go so if you want to test it just copy and paste it directly into one of your saved workbooks today.

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