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Simple mobile - official site, Simple mobile was founded on the idea that there is a better way to do wireless. A four camera shoot with 12 channel sound mix of the premiere of [radical] signs of life at the Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) on May 4th.
The Harvestworks Creativity + Technology = Enterprise residency enabled us to create a functional prototype for the first open-source, wearable, wireless biotechnology.

And EMPAC enabled us to bring all of the complex moving parts together for the first time, and premiere the work in front of two sold out audiences to garner feedback, and solid documentation. But now we want to bring this to technology to market, so that other people can build for free themselves, hack or buy in the form of kits, and tour the work nationally and internationally.
3) Put a proposal package together along with the four camera documentation of the premiere to reach out to cutting-edge venues.

4) Create a formal business plan and establish strategic partnerships to get turn bring the Xth Sense from the Stage to the Market.

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