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Switchboard free, sometimes known as a call minder or auto-receptionist, answers calls for you. For example, when a customer calls you with a question, a voice greeting will answer for you, directing the individual to the department they need. A switchboard free system unites all your employees under one number, even if they are working in different areas via their mobile phones. It depends which service provider you go with, but many switchboard free systems come with 0800 numbers, customisable greetings, voicemail transcription and more.
Having a phone number on our site increased conversion of site visitors to sign ups and paid users! By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalised content and advertisements. Here is a cool FREE tool that you could use to generate keyword-rich domains names on the fly.
On the surface, the site generates complete "fake" profiles based on any gender, country or descent you want! Similarly, I would take the postal address of a different profile, and phone number of yet another, so that no one could even have the slightest suspicion that the profile has been generated from that tool!
That is basically what most ordinary sites would ask for, including email, website URL, etc., which I am sure you could give. Notice also the areas marked with red circle in all the above screenshots; I would tell you about that later!

TIP: In my personal opinion, this service is best used for hiding your private information from every Tom, Dick and Harry who you might not trust! With that being said, whatever I told you so far is not actually the point of this article, but is necessary to make you acquainted with the site, in case you aren't already! You might have noticed that in all the three screenshots above I have marked the one and only thing with red circle: the DOMAIN NAMES!
Heck, I not only got one each on finance and frugality but also a one which gave me a new niche idea! The two tips you give in this issue are super powerful and full of potential for converting my time online into cash. Because the overall content of your emailed newsletter is different from all the run-of-the-mill stuff that clogs my inbox every day I will be looking out for my next issue. As for receiving a "book deal", I would say it is a "far-fetched dream" for the owner of "small niche sites", but nonetheless it IS a possibility if your site discusses something unusual or controversial. It will direct callers to various extensions and departments so you do not need to pick up the phone each time it rings.
Many create extensions with store hours, directions and other information so that the information can be easily disseminated.
If someone leaves a voicemail, the message will be transcribed and sent to you, making it easy to keep track of important messages. I should credit this site for creating a female pen name for me which I used for my Christmas site.

Obviously, fake credit card numbers and UPS tracking number are neither required nor useful, so we would skip them.
I spent almost 10 minutes refreshing that page non-stop and got six good domain names, three of which I registered! I have been in and out of several free and paid domain name generators, most of which hardly generate 'sexy' and appealing domain names like the FNG site!
Remember that once you post three comments on my blog, you get a "do-follow" backlink! What if a site you created suddenly gained national media attention and somebody wants to contact you for a book deal? So, I would combine one profile with another, by adding the first name of one profile with that of another. Once you generate a "fake" profile, you simply keep refreshing that page over and over again (even WITHOUT making any changes) and you will get brand new, keyword generated domain names each time, some of which may be relevant to a niche you are currently working on! You would probably have to fill up countless numbers of online forms in your life, and Robform makes it pretty easy! Making sure that both profiles fall under the same group, or the combination would look weird; for example, an American first name with a Chinese last name…well, u get the idea!

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