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Step 1: Enable Unknown SourcesThis app isn't available on Google Play, so you'll need to have Unknown Sources checked on your device.
Step 3: Install cLockOnce the file has finished downloading, simply click on it in your Notification tray or find it in your Downloads app. One of the first feature that you can get it now for your galaxy S4 and Note 3 is the boot and shut down animation & the new power on sound, We will show you how to get galaxy S5 boot animation to your galaxy device. You can also use this for any Samsung phone with resolution 1080×1920 and any Android version.
On my note 2 kitkat the boot animation works and replaces the horrible carrier one, but the shutdown animation is unchanged. First of all, comparing an iPhone with an Android phone is like comparing Apples to Oranges. Moving on, the iPhone 5s still features the same aluminum and premium design that the iPhone 5 has. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, even though they don’t have an aluminum casing, still feel sturdy and solid. Looking at the specifications table above, it looks like both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 have the better and more attractive set of specifications, vs the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.
Same goes with the processor and graphics processor, people will think that a quad core processor is better than a dual core processor. Meanwhile, comparing the iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4 is like comparing the aging iPhone 5 with Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 are truly flagship smartphone, each having their own unique set of features and specifications. The iPhone 5s does seem attractive, specially with the “innovatively” fingerprint scanner called Touch ID.

There are a lot of apps in Google Play for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that let you create, edit, and view Microsoft Office files on the go, but none match up to the power of an app called Polaris Office for Samsung Galaxy devices.However, the newest version, Polaris Office 5, only works on the Samsung Galaxy S4. I used the second link, and after navigating around half a dozen spam links managed to get this.
Choose either Package installer or Verify and install, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. You'll see three different sections—Clock and alarm, Weather panel, and Calendar events.If you tap on Clock and alarm, you can toggle between a digital and analog clock, bold the minutes, hours, date and alarm, and change the font color.
Samsung and Apple are the leading smartphone manufacturers for the past few years and they have been constantly in war, not only in law suits, but in determining who has the best smartphone. An Apple has a particular set of vitamins that it only unique with an Apple, same goes with Oranges. It’s true that when you hold an iPhone in your hand, you can tell that this is no ordinary phone. I know some would think otherwise, saying that they are only covered in cheap plastic but that doesn’t really bother me.
Personally I don’t like a 4-inch display in a phone, because they are too small for me and I am having a hard time typing with them. They also have expandable memory, more sensors, more connectivity options, larger megapixel camera. As this point, you might be wondering how come the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c still runs smoothly, and is very much fluid despite being powered by a dual core processor only. Like us people, they are also unique from one another and they each have their own pros and cons. When Facebook user Deeb Zeal asked Polaris about the availability of their updated office app on other Android devices, he was given this response. Now that each of their respective high end flagship smartphones for the year 2013 have been revealed, let’s compare them side by side and find out which do you think you should get.

Meanwhile, although the iPhone 5s has a touch of premium craftsmanship, I’m a bit disappointed that they still look the same with the iPhone 5. So I prefer larger display, and other than typing, it’s much easier to read, navigate, browse websites, play games, watch videos, etc, in a larger screen. Speaking of camera, even though Apple claimed that the iPhone 5s has a better iSight camera compared to its predecessors (since it’s now using a 1.5 µm pixel size), it’s still only an 8 megapixel camera.
But for me, most of the features that I am looking for in a phone can be found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s because the iOS is very much optimized to run with the current hardware that they have. It’s like Apple has deceivingly covered the iPhone 5 with a colorful plastic shell and sold them at a cheaper price than the 5s. Whereas with the design of the iPhone 5c, it looks like it’s Nokia Lumia-inspired… colorful and all “plasticky”. Most of the consumers are not really techie people and are not very keen with this kind of stuff. So for now, the iPhone doesn’t need a quad core processor, specially now that they have implemented a 64-bit system. The battle between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 has been concluded many months ago by the consumers, and I think the results would be the same with iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. I uninstalled it after 20 mins, having suffered an unacceptable amount of freezes and FC's. IMHO - AVOID!By the way, FYI, my phone is the N7100 Galaxy Note 2 (UK variant) on Vodafones network.

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