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Companies are splurging money to hire data scientists but do not know how to use them effectively, Lenovo has claimed. Mohammed Chaara, director of the Customer Insight Center of Excellence, Strategy & Analytics at Lenovo, said stiff competition for data scientists is seeing companies lure them with large salaries despite having no clear idea of how best to put their talents to use. Chaara's comments chime with those of Jody Porrazzo, data scientist at multinational media company UBM, who told V3 at the SAS Global Forum that the only thing the business understands when it comes to data science and analytics "is that they don't understand it". Lenovo's Chaara said that the company's analytical talent can be divided into three groups.
Chaara suggested that a data scientist is someone who should have a working knowledge in all three of those groups, but hiring someone like that is currently a real challenge for many organisations. Dudley Gwaltney, group vice president and manager of analytical modelling at SunTrust Bank, also addressing the media at the SAS global event, suggested that the main skill he looks for when attempting to hire a data scientist is "intellectual curiosity". But he admitted that this was an incredibly hard characteristic to measure, and it's not something easily found on a CV either. Lenovo's Chaara agreed with Gwaltney and added that it was difficult to know whether a candidate has this "intellectual curiosity" in one-on-one interviews either. Chaara also revealed that Lenovo was using machine learning to analyse unstructured data from YouTube and Instagram. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
When passengers boarded Aloha Airlines Flight 243 in Hilo, they had no idea that a quick inter-island flight to Honolulu would soon turn into tragedy.

Everything was going according to plan: the engine started without a hiccup and the plane taxied to the runway safely before taking off for its destination.
But that all changed at 24,000 feet, when the 19-year-old Boeing 737 was flying over the Pacific Ocean.
Without warning, the cabin explosively decompressed, ripping open a 10-inch-by-10-inch hole in the plane’s roof.
Within a matter of minutes, Lansing was swept out of the plane and her body was never located. Those remaining passengers held on for dear life as 18 feet of the plane behind the cockpit were completely wide open — some of them seriously injured from the blast and flying shrapnel. The entire terrifying ordeal only lasted 15 minutes, but can you imagine how long that must have felt like for those passengers and crew?
So the challenge is both in supply and demand," he told the press at SAS's headquarters in North Carolina.
And, finally, you have a more business-focused group which is really limited to BI and descriptive reporting," he said. We have about 100 people who are involved with analytics and this has grown drastically over the past two to three years," he said. She will share secrets of the trade, tried and true, cost-effective marketing techniques and provide Q&A so you can ask specific questions about your business.
The 89 passengers, two pilots, three flight attendants, and an FAA air traffic controller were prepared for the comfortable 50-minute flight.

It was at that moment that a violent stream of air rushed through the cabin and swept one of the flight attendants, Clarabelle Lansing, off her feet towards the opening.
The Boeing 737 was not only flying beyond its design life, but the Federal Aviation Administration that conducted the inspection failed to detect multiple cracks in the plane’s skin. Her entire head and right arm went through the gaping hole in the left side of the fuselage, and for a moment, her body blocked the escaping air. This terrible oversight brought about an FAA program to more carefully examine aging planes and maintenance procedures to avoid future tragedies. RELIABLE RESOURCES - A list of must-have vendors and key websites to help you get more work done in less time.
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