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Some people don't like getting random friend requests or awkward messages from long-forgotten friends.A Some people just want to use Facebook to keep up with others, but don't want others to be able to keep up with them.
When you're finished, no one but you will be able to see your Facebook activity, view your photos, or see where you've checked in. Solaborate- New social networking and collaboration platform for technology professionals and companies. Most mobile phones will automatically recognize the phone numbers in your email and convert them into links. On Android phones, the recipient will be directed to the dial pad with a pre-populated phone number. On iOS phones, a modal will pop up when the recipient clicks on the phone number link, asking them if they’d like to cancel or call that number. Older phones may not automatically recognize phone numbers in email and then convert them to links. As a bonus, the above formats remain clickable from “online view” within a desktop browser.
Much like mobile phones, Gmail will automatically detect phone numbers and convert them into links.
Add a link within your emails to your Skype username to provide chat or voice call support to your customers. Be sure to include your Skype username in the link text in case the link itself doesn’t work. A recent article in the telegraph claims that not only do we use our smartphones for an average of two hours per day, but we hardly use them for making calls any more!
The survey, recorded by O2 states that smartphone users use the internet for the longest amount of time each day and the camera for the least, with phone calls only being the fifth most popular thing to do with your smartphone. It surprises me that people spend less time on social media than the internet as I’d say social media would top my list, followed by texting and then music, with phone calls coming near the bottom. Otterbox Commuter for S3 in stock tomorrow!The cheapest sim-free Android handset in stock now! We all know Airasia is the world’s best low-cost airline and everyday there are a lot of Airasia passengers calling Airasia Centre to seek for help on their flight status, schedules and so on. In order to cope with huge customer’s demand, Airasia has upgraded its call centre services to shorten call waiting time.
Customers calling from Malaysia can dial +603 2171 9333 for regular phone services from 7am to 7pm daily. 1) Airasia is rolling out new premium phone line for customers who wants better call service. 2) LiveHelp or Live Chat – Airasia brand new service for all registered guests with Airasia, you need to logon using your Airasia member ID in order to chat with their service agents.
Although LiveHelp is still in its pilot test stage, the information provided is accurate and based on AirAsia’s policies and practices. You’ll be able to obtain information about AirAsia and AirAsia X’s products and services here.

Please be mindful not to share your credit card information, itinerary number (PNR) or other potentially sensitive personal details while chatting. You will need to call the Call Centre and speak to our Customer Service personnel for any changes to your itinerary or purchase of our services. I hope with all the new services provided by Airasia, it can reduce the numbers of calls and waiting time. I AM MERELY TRYING TO BOOK A FLIGHT FROM AUSTRALIA TO MALAYSIA WITH AN AMERICAN CREDIT CARD. AFTER 20 LONG DISTANCE PHONE CALLS AND REPEATEDLY HAVING MY CALL DROPPED, MY CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS DENIED ON THE INTERNET, AND PAY PAL BILLING ME BUT AIR ASIA NOT CONFIRMING MY BOOKING; YOU ARE SAYING THAT AIRASIA IS THE BEST.
AirAsia try to claim “ to engage callers withing 20 seconds” so you need to pay for calls !!!!!!
I have lost count already how many minutes that AirAsia has made money from this unnecessary calls???? I need to do booking by September 19, 2010 (today) for five people as offer ends after that. Latest updates: AirAsia general phone becomes self help menu phone and AirAsia support email address no longer active. My flight from Solo Indonesia (AK 0541) to Kuala Lumpur on the 1st April 2011 was scheduled at 12:15pm.
Even the staff on duty told me if i ‘m not satisfied she told me to proceed for the complaint. I am in Malaysia and I want to buy a ticket for my Mom , a 2 way ticket from Iran to Malaysia. But the question is , with the ticket which I am going to buy online (and not from any travel agency) does my Mom meet any problem at the airport ? Hi, I accidentally keyed in two times of my surname during ticket booking..should there be any problem?
Your current friends will still be able to view your basic profile a€” there's no way around this a€” but all your activity will be blank. However, most mobile clients, and even some desktop ones, give special treatment to phone numbers in email.
When the recipient taps on the link, one of two things occur depending on the operating system.
When the link is clicked, a dialog is invoked, asking the user if they’d like to launch an application to handle the request. Clicking a phone number link opens the “Call” dialog where the number has been pre-populated.
Upon clicking the phone number, a dialog lets recipients create a new contact using the phone number or add the phone number to an existing contact. Skype username links won’t work on mobile phones, nor in certain webmail clients such as Gmail. According to Bo Lingam, Chief Operating Officer of Airasia, Airasia get an average of 6,000 calls a day.

Airasia aims to halve its turnaround time for email responses to pre-flight inquiries from 24 hours to within 12 hours.
Airasia Premium Customer Phone Line targets to engage callers within 20 seconds and the number is 600 85 9999 from 7am to 7pm daily. Fare (PNR) purchases or amendments to your existing bookings are not available on this feature and can only be effected through contacting our Call Centre. You may experience temporary glitches, we ask for your patience while we work on perfecting Live Help. I know a lot of people are not satisfy with their call service including me but I would like to give a chance to them as Airasia is Malaysia’s Product and I hope Airasia will keep on reward us with Airasia Big Promotion so Everyone Can Fly Now with Airasia.
If they cancel or reschedule the flight, you are going to face the problem with next connecting flight. These options are strictly for the following travelling dates from 05 April to 25 April 2010 only. Please note that there will be no refund if the fare of the new flight is lower than the original amount.
We will try out best to accommodate your request in light of the current situation in Bangkok. I would like to know if i can check in two bags which totals up to 15 kg (i actually paid for 15 kg)or am i only allowed to check in one bag only. I think AirAsia operator at Live Chat might be able to help you or give you the best solution. However, guest(s) who booked before 1 November 2011 will be entitled to a one (1) time name change.
If you haven’t already, Google will prompt you to download the voice plugin so that you can complete the call. If you are using premium phone call, you will enjoy fast quality services for bookings, changes to booking, payments and others services.
If you still yet to sign-up as Airasia member, do sign-up first  to use this awesome service.
We received a confirmation e-mail for both, from wegolo, but we only recieved an e-ticket for Kuala Lumpur from airasia. However, the charges of Airasia Premium Customer number is not cheap, you are going to be charged at RM 1.95 per minute.
You will need to produce copies of the identification documents (identity card or passport) of both names involved in the transfer. This Premium Service Line is available only to those calling from within Malaysia and using local landline and mobile phone numbers. I will recommend you to use Mas Airline as the service is better but the price is more expensive than AirAsia.

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