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You not only have to know your own instrument, you must know the others and how to back them up at all times. Oscar Peterson Quote“You not only have to know your own instrument, you must know the others and how to back them up at all times. Si te gusto esta entradaSuscribete a nuestro RSS Feed, Nos puedes seguir en Twitter o recomienda a tus amigos debajo.
I experiment in the borderline of handcrafts and art using techniques like knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, computer graphics and web design.
You would make me very happy if you could send me a note (leave a reply on the post or email me) if you find my materials useful. Olen Anu, ikaantyva nuori kapinallinen, joka tyoskentelee pikseleiden parissa (seka analogisten etta digitaalisten). When she's not busy starring in her own reality show, being an advocate for transgender youth, attending the ESPYS, and running a YouTube channel, Jazz Jennings is just your average 14 year-old girl! It's hard out there for an incoming high school freshman--especially when you're transgender! Jazz has an incredibly loving and supportive family, and she does not take that for granted. Talla sivustolla esittelen suunnittelemiani kasitoita ja niiden ohjeita - esimerkiksi amigurumi-ohjeita on tarjolla seka suomeksi etta englanniksi.

We were able to catch up with her between 'I Am Jazz' screenings and a reception at the White House (YUP. While she has a long, hard road ahead, she knows that with the love of her family and friends, anything is possible.
We are almost sure that if we ask you what jazz is, you’ll answer something like this: “Oh, everybody knows what is jazz, it’s… it’s… hmm… not sure how to explain…” Are we right?
If you are not a professional musical critic the question might turn out to be much more complicated than it seemed at the beginning.
But, please don’t worry about the definitions and let us tell a few words about this inconceivable music genre.What is jazz? Somebody is crazy about it, somebody stays indifferent to the genre, somebody switches the radio station as soon as they hear the first jazz chords. Nevertheless, most of people, especially the ones whose professions are connected to art somehow, like jazz and know a lot of facts from its history. We can compare it to the changeable wind, running water or a naughty child with unstable behavior. Then, we will continue the narration.Jazz is a whole music culture based on a set of conventions and common skills that allow musicians create. I don’t know how but they get highly original, personal and complicated music with the help of this technique.From a theoretical standpoint, jazz music tends to use more complex harmony than pop music in general.

Jazz relies heavily on 7 chords, whereas pop music usually contains triads only, for example.The multiple variations you do to a basic song structure as written in a song book. The jazziest thing is that a real jazz musician can always do these things differently each time they play the same basic song. It is an improvisational art, making itself up as it goes along, just like the country that gave it birth. Jazz music was born around 1895 (the beginning of the 20th century) in the southern US, predominantly in black communities. The most popular dances included the Charleston, Black Bottom, Tango, Shimmies, and the Trot. Bebop Jazz focuses more on small groups and simple arrangements played solo or in small groups.
African pedigree is evident in its use of blue notes, improvisation, polyrhytms, syncopation and the swung note.
From its early development until the present day jazz has also incorporated music from American pop.

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