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Jennifer Lawrence, other celebrities have nude photos leaked on Internet after massive hacking scandal Dozens of photos of the 'Hunger Games' star in various stages of undress first appeared Sunday on the online message board 4chan, along with those of 100 other possible A-list victims such as Rihanna, Lea Michele and Kate Upton.
Dozens of photos of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence in the nude a€” and 100 other celebs in compromising positions a€” hit the Internet Sunday in a massive hacking scandal.
The snapshots first appeared on the online message board 4chan and included randy shots of a€?The Hunger Gamesa€? star. The hacker claimed to have nude and seminude shots of 101 celebrities, including singers Rihanna and Ariana Grande, supermodel Kate Upton, Olympic gold-medal soccer player Hope Solo and actresses Kirsten Dunst, Lea Michele and Brie Larson.
The snapshots of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities first appeared on the online message board 4chan.

In two Upton selfies, she poses nude with her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, in a bathroom mirror. The photos of Lawrence include several topless selfies and other shots in intimate positions.
In one photo, Lawrence, topless and only wearing a pair of lacy underwear, reclines with what appears to be a glass of wine in her right hand and her left index finger touching her lips. The mystery hacker behind the thefts claimed online that an Apple iCloud glitch allowed the starsa€™ smartphones to be hacked, the website Buzzfeed reported. The hacker boasted of having a sexually explicit video of Lawrence and was asking anyone wanting to see it to a€?donate at my paypal.a€? But the individual added a Hotmail address that appears to be fake.

But 21-year-old actress Victoria Justicea€” formerly of the Nickelodeon series a€?Zoey 101a€? a€” claimed the photos of her are bogus.
Grandea€™s rep also said photos of the 21-year-old a€?My Everythinga€? singer were also fake.

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