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If you have a smart phone than Lookout is the first app which you should install to locate your cell phone when you lost it.
After downloading Lookout to your smart phone you have to sign up by only providing your Email and Password thats it ! If you have installed Lookout on your phone than there is no need to panic even if you lost it. You will see there all your Lookout signed in devices and on left side it will show you all the possible options to protect and locate lost cell phone. If you want to see the exact location of your phone than click on Find My Device on left side. It will find the current location of your device and show it on the map with street address. Lookout also provides many other options such as to display the custom message screen on your lost device to get it back faster. Lookout also provides facility to play sound on your lost device if you have misplaced it somewhere nearby at your home.
Now what if you lost your phone and you haven’t installed lookout app on your lost phone.
Brijesh Gohil is the founder of Tech Brij, A popular Tech Blog which is focused on Tech tips & Buying Guides. Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your Email address and receive regularly updated Phone, Tablet and Laptop Buying Guides directly in your inbox! Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your email address and receive latest posts as soon as it goes live. Do Not CopyThis site is DMCA protected and copying content from this website is against International Copyright Laws. However, despite the protection and everything that you do, you still end up losing your phone. Once you are almost sure that it will never come back, it is time for you to reset all your passwords that were saved in your phone. I would like to thank the Yeshiva World News once again for providing me with fodder for yet another post that shows that Charedim are getting way out of hand when it comes to their chumras.
I wonder if the Rav paid Yeshiva World News to post this article because that is great marketing. If you find someone’s wallet on the ground and know that they use the money for non-kosher activities you should not return it. If you find someone’s car keys you may not return them if they use the car for bad things. If you find bags of groceries left in the store you may not return them unless all the hechsherim are mehandrin. You may not return anything to anyone because their is potential for unkosher activities and therefore we are seeking to ban the mitzvah of returning lost objects. Why o earth would a Rav spend his time creating such narishkeit when Am Yisroel is on the verge on becoming exstinct by an iranian madmad, or even worse, by their own broygezes? How is this any more absurd than the Torah proscribing the death penalty for an adultress or breaking shabbos? Common now, you expect the Chumrah of the week folks to care about what some Rabbis who are not in the community said? I’m starting to think that your competitors (Yeshiva World and VIN) have caught on to the whole frum satire thing and starting to copy your style. Should we not return a lost pair of jeans because they are not “tznius” enough?
The drought has ended, almost a full year without any new bans, I expect a nice wave of bans to come flowing in now. YWN likes posting this sort of garbage, just another way for them to keep heated debates going, which translate into massive banner impressions for their advertisers. Now i am really not a fan of this ban, and honestly it doesnt make any sense to me, but i didnt see the tshuva inside.
But that comment is exactly the problem with todays conception of judiasm, as it pertains to right in wrong. No, as a yid it is our business what another yid does, even if he isnt hurting another person. Just so everyone is clear, the pask as stated above is when one knows that the owner of the lost object uses it for an aveira.
And Michal bas Avraham, how can you say that Jews being responsible for each other is something that some rabbi made up?!
As stated in the previous comment by Critic, this psak can have completely legitimate grounds in halachic sources. Foist eval, i wish to tank all the groise talmidei chachamim fun lakevood fer showing ap here to straighten out deese yokels und schmendriks vat tink day ken leff et arr zisse tyere haloches.
So let me get this straight… it is now rabbinical prohibited to fulfill a mitzvah that is d’oritha?
2) If you see the obligation still stands until daybreak the rabbanim basically said do it early so you do not forget but lechatchelah do it if you forgot.
3) Correction your rabbanim said that… this prohibition did not extend the rest of the world. 4) If you feel that we are ignoring the oral tradition why is it I use the oral tradition to refute you in the first point? 11) you mentioned that returning an object that you know has been (will be is imposable as we do not have n’vuah today) used in a prohibited act.
To answer your rhetorical question: how can I give you a piece of bread you might not say the proper brachot! The person might sin and he might not but your responsibility is to teach him and lead him not control him as you would a donkey!
If the rabbis have the ultimate power where are the checks and balances – I dont like it one bit. Double M, your referring to the case of Chizkiyahu Hamelech and Yehsyahu Hanavi, but it may not be so simple to bring a proof from what a Navi said to a specific person in a specific case like that. 3) So you propose that because someone has spent time studying somewhere that they are infallible? 1) I do not c”v claim to be able to defend this ban to the extent that I will prove you wrong. 3) C”V I don’t think someone is infallible just because they learned somewhere! It is true that you cannot start making logical arguments for things when you don’t understand what the logic is based on. You kind of sidestepped the raised issue, attacked a specific posek, and brought up a new massive issue of molesting and abuse. Anyway, I probably don’t know anywhere near enough about it to get into this with you here, so sorry.
It is certainly a terrible things what some of these molesters are doing; the Torah clearly calls it an abomination.
I think that most people here if not all will take issue with a ruling that may cause harm to them event thought it is not their rav and they themselves are not held to the root (ie the ban on phones that are not edible) that causes them damage when their own rav’s ruling permits using an inedible phone. Think if you are permitted to use something like o say a car… and someone comes up with a ruling saying… if you see an unattended car you must slash the tires because someone (you know the someone he is represented as .1^-? There is the essence of the argument in my opinion which draws the lines rather nicely in the two sides.
Plan B is an application for Android that you can use after your phone has been stolen, misplaced or if you have lost it but can't remember where. To install Plan B on the phone you only have to visit the Google Play store, click on the install button on the Plan B website, and make sure the app gets installed on the stolen or lost phone.

The application starts then automatically after installation on the phone to send you an email with your phone's location to the account's email address.Note that on some phones it needs to be launched via SMS instead if it can't autostart for whatever reason.
Several factors can prevent the application from sending out the information to the associated Gmail account.
It is still worth a try and without doubt one of your best options to locate your phone again. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. I'm more worried about how this can be used against the phone owner than to help recover a stolen one.
Many of us have lost our cell phones from time to time but some may have a harder time than others in retrieving their phone. As promised, below are some special services that make finding your lost cell phone easier than ever before. Go to Google’s Android Device Manager and login with the Google account connected to your Android device. In this article, I am going to cover a few of the tools you can use to locate your lost or stolen cell phone.
When someone finds your phone, they can go to the website, type in the ID number, and they will be able to find out who the phone belongs to.
The site says that if you can’t find your phone you can make it “scream” (not quite sure what that means) or wipe it out.
If you’re really worried about your data being stolen, you can look into F-Secure Anti-Theft (directory). If your phone is stolen, you can text message a key to your phone to find its geo-location.
Other articles you can check out relating to this matter include How To Trace & Deactivate A Stolen Cell Phone, How To Trace a Mobile Phone Location with Google Latitude, and 6 Possible Signs Your Cell Phone May Be Tapped. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. I have a very valuable cell phone with me and so I try to take the best care of it possible. Just because something is perpetuated every single day by your boss doesn't mean it's true. Using this app you can easily see the accurate location of your phone whether you lost it in the bar , cab or may be in gutter some where. All you have to do is install this app on your smart phone and sign in to your lookout account. No need to worry, As there are many websites through which you can trace your mobile phone. You may call it ignorance or carelessness, but eventually, most of you, end up losing your phone.
Send a text which helps the other person locate you, in case he is good enough to return it to you after you lose it.
Think about it, this guy makes some crazy BS p’sak up and knows people will get their panties in a bunch about it, even makes me want to get a copy of the sefer to see what other craziness he has proposed.
And besides, unless I’m mistaken, the gemara which discusses that topic says that Reuven who pushed Shimon to do an aveira is still chayav bidei shamayim. The Torah tells us that all Jews are responsible for each other; how can you hand another a Jew a weapon with which you know he will damage his own soul, and thereby damage your own? He might have a mekor (root cause) for his psak (ruling) from some very reliable sources as the Rambam and Shulchan Urech. So Smooth Shemp, just because someone doesn’t have a kosher filter on their computer by no means is grounds to say they use it for an aveira- hence not a good argument for this being a crazy psak. Perhaps in that sort of community, if a person has such a phone it is much more likely that they are using it for an aveira? But these people are not rabbanim who are Torah scholars, they have stepped out of that reality into something antithetical to Judaism. Torah per se has been superseded by and buried under millennia of scholarship, politics, traditions that have lost their referents, personal likes and dislikes and every other accretion of human nature.
That's especially the case if you do not have some form of application or software running on the phone to track it down when it is no longer in your possession. The application gets installed if the phone is on, has some form of mobile connection, and your user account is still associated with it. If a data connection is not available, for instance because it has been disabled or of the phone is in an area with bad reception, SMS may be used instead to inform you about the location of your phone.
Besides what has already been mentioned, there is a possibility that the "new owner" of the phone may notice the installation of the new application, that the phone blocks the automatic start of the application, or that security software does so.
It is definitely worth a try, and especially so if you happen to misplace your phone regularly.
While the remote installation of the application worked, it would not autostart on the phone. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It works the same way as Plan B, you simply push the app to your lost phone then send an SMS to start the app.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. What is worse is when you lose your cell phone in the middle of a texting session or when you have an important phone call to make and the person’s contact information is in your cell phone.
Normal Procedures are the little things that everyone does in order to find their cell phone. These programs and devices have been specifically designed for finding lost cell phones and allow you to do so within minutes.
FOFA technology allows for you to put specially designed cards on all of your most commonly lost objects such as your wallet, cell phone, car keys, and other valuables, in order to find them all. You set your phone down to go do something and later on you can’t remember where you left it.
Finding a phone on silent can be done (if you have GPS), but it is by far the trickiest of all recoveries.
BlueRetriever is pretty cool in that it allows you to create a wallpaper for your phone that has a site URL and an ID number on it.
You can even offer them a reward, which you set yourself, of up to $100 in gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, Target) or donations with Kiva. Lookout provides security in the form of virus and malware protection, data backup of your contacts and photos, and device location. Supported by Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and Android, this application provides the ability to track your lost phone, remotely lock it, and even remotely wipe out all the data. Once installed this app will allow you to view your cell phone’s location, make it ring from the website even if it is set to silent or vibrate, lock the keys, back up your contacts, delete the information on the phone, and more. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
After that you can back up your personal data such as contacts , notes or pictures to recover from future loss. However, there are different ways to protect your phone, and definitely there are better ways to protect yourself. Therefore, try to install an application which puts your phone automatically out of the silent mode when you send in a specific text. Therefore, keep calm and be sure that you will find your phone; and you definitely will eventually find it.

Go there and search in places where it might have slipped out or it might have rolled out of your pocket.
That way you will not only lose your phone; in fact, you might also lose your girlfriend, or even friends. According to the report, if one discovers a non-kosher cell phone and knows who the owner is, and knows for a fact or has a reason to suspect the owner uses the phone for prohibited access, one is not compelled to fulfill the mitzvah of ‘hashovas aveida’.
What about returning a wallet with a credit card inside it, maybe the guy will use the credit card to get into a strip joint?? That may not mean much to some people, but being judged in Shamayim for an aveira doesn’t sound like fun. I suppose you would say that the gemara in brachot where we learn that m’deroaita you are allowed to recite Kriat Shema at night until daybreak, but m’darabanan we only have until chatzot is heretical to Judaism as well?
Are you completely sure that this shita is not based on reliable Torah sources and that after going through the sugya yourslef, or after asking someone competent who has, you have concluded that this Rav must be wrong? You should make sure that you understand what you are arguing against, people tend to forget that. I’m am simply a reaction to the many negative and non-conducive comments posted in response, most of which I find to be not proper responses to this sort of thing. But since my beliefs are not acceptable to a large subset of practicing Jews I am, by their standards, a heretic. That's however not entirely true, and while the following method depends a lot on the state of the phone, it gives you a good chance of locating your phone. The idea behind Plan B is actually really simple: apps cannot only be installed directly using the phone, but also remotely from Google Play and that is what Plan B takes advantage of. If you do not have a spare cell phone, ask one of your friends or family to send the text message instead. A manual start of the application however did not result in the sending of an email to the associated Gmail account. Though I can understand how he could have gained access to my google play and gmail accounts, I have no idea how he got the app to send the emails to his account instead of mine. Whatever the reason, this article will provide you with detailed methods of finding your lost cell phone as quickly as possible so that you can continue with your daily life. Generally, if you have gotten to the point of looking for other methods to find a lost cell phone, however, you have probably already done everything you can think of. For example, if you have recently been sitting on the couch, check under the cushions and feel up under any nooks or crevices that your phone may have slipped into. You can also cause the phone to ring at full volume, which can help if you lost your phone while the volume was muted. With Google’s Click To Call program, you can now use Google Maps to call businesses free of charge by simply providing Google with your own phone number for security purposes.
The website also offers a feature to block your number by adding it to the Do Not Call list in case you are weary of prank callers using the service to irritate you.
FOFA works by having both a built-in transmitter and receiver that can communicate with a total of six devices. You don’t want your private information in the wrong hands, especially since these new phones are capable of making purchases online. It really helps you find the phone if you have lost it in a particular area and you are sure about it. This will really help you locate your phone as it cannot be in places where you haven’t been, unless it is lose. The p’sak in the Rav’s sefer also states if one does not know who the owner is and the cell phone is not the ‘kosher phone’ with rabbinical approval, one is not compelled to try to locate the owner. Did you know that m’deoraita you can marry as many women as you want, but Rabbeinu Gershom enacted that we can only marry one woman now. How do you research everything to make sure that you are somehow right and that the learned people who do have an idea of what they are talking about are somehow wrong when they go along with these things (btw, some might not and argue with a halachic-based argument)? If it is lost and no one touched it yet, or if the person who has it has not erased the data on the phone, then there is still hope that you can get it back. For future reference, never leave your cell phone on silent or vibrate when it is sitting around the house because this makes calling it effectively useless. You can also, however, use the program to locate your lost cell phone by simply typing in your number where the business number should go. Each one of these devices is both the base and the receiver, unlike many other key chain-type locators, meaning that if you find one of these six objects then you can find them all simply by pressing the corresponding number key. If you think that your cell phone is nearby or you misplaced it somewhere at your home than you can play sound on your phone to trace it. Try to keep your phone’s ring-tone at a loud volume, so that you can hear it whenever you lose it. Or simply the reaction which has been adjusted to aline with the morals and ideas of the society you live in, despite what a legitimate Torah source might say?
O o he isn’t wearing some obscure nojewish garment from Europe he must not be religious??!?!?!
Everyone follows this today- what a corrupt, power hungry rav he was to do this to Bnei Yisrael (chas v’shalom)! I know a rav who is anti-zionist, and many people would call him a bad person just for that even though it’s 100% as kosher as being zionist. Although I know that you would be sorely mistaken and ignorant to think that that is the opinion of all Rabbanim and poskim. Sometimes when we are looking for things, the item can be right out in the open and we don’t even notice them so be sure to scan each room with your eyes very slowly in order to notice things you may otherwise overlook. This is excellent if you have a Internet connection but no landline but will only work if your cell phone is turned on. You can easily attach FOFA technology to your cell phone so that when it does become lost, you can find it again regardless of whether it is dead or on silent. This app can help you in many ways and it is very much essential for your cell phone’s security. Therefore, we try to keep attached to it, keep it safe and in places there are thieves running around everywhere, you try to keep yourself protected, along with your cell phone as it is really dear to you.
But you know, he is an intellectual person who looks at multiple sides of an issue and understands the issue through multiple valid viewpoints.
I certainly don’t understand how you have such a warped perception of these people being bad. He can explain why you should be zionist better than most of the people who would attack him for being anti-zionist. I usually find it to be the opposite; a lot of my rebbeim tend to be more kind, humble, and understanding than a lot of other people I know that have the same kind of views as a lot of you.
It’s not an isolated problem that has simply to do with the mentality of corrupted rabbis. Most of you here are just ranting on about your issues with rabbis and chareidim, a lot of which I have to say seems to not come from anything good.
If you are going to bash something you probbaly didn’t even research, at least give a halachic-based argument! Why do so many of you just say terrrible things which aren’t based on anything but negative feelings towards poskim and chareidim?
Usually things that have to do with boys and girls, like being shomer negiah, are touchy issues because people don’t want to hear it. The fact that his entire life was devoted to Torah and halachah in a way that surpassed all but those on the same caibur as him becomes irrelevant.

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