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The Giorgio Armani Samsung handset, unveiled at Milan Fashion Week before the designer's spring-summer fashion show, uses cutting edge technology to ensure the world's most safety-conscious mobile. The credit card size designer mobile phone comes with a in-built 'rape alarm' function which can be activated from a pocket or even handbag.
The phone automatically sends an SOS text message to five pre-programmed family or friend phone numbers, alerting them to danger. By pressing an easy-to-locate volume control button four times in quick succession - which can be done through jeans or any heavy material including leather - an automated emergency text is sent. Received within seconds, the recipient can then call the phone, allowing them to gauge the situation and respond accordingly by calling the police. Also, you can obtain a highlights update delivered directly to your inbox by signing up for my weekly newsletter – just Click Here to request this newsletter using the Manage Newsletters tab (if you aren't already a member you'll be asked to register, but it's free and painless so don't let that stop you [grin]). I often think about the amount of data that's been lost already due to changing file formats and stuff.
Leaping off in a different direction, did you ever read "A Fire Upon The Deep" by Vernor Vinge? At some point, everything will live online - that permanence - and most of that should stay forever do to professionals managing the transition.

I hope that eventually there would be a mechanism to disable those that abuse the net and generate grie for us all. At least I've never posted (or tweeted) anything I would have been ashamed of -- such as naked pictures like that American Politician did (what WAS he thinking? I don't think that we have begun to grasp the unintended consequences of the permanence of the internet. In time, ths information will span generations, telescoping history into a mashup, and our ideas of old versus new, fashionable versus uncool, will become uncontrolled and anarchic. The blogs and comments posted on EE Times do not reflect the views of EE Times, UBM Electronics, or its sponsors.
From here, the mobile's GPS tracker system can be activated to locate the owner's exact position. I did consider this when I did the first post deep in the mists of time -- but if you visit the site you'll see that it's legit -- they boast about this prank and how many folks they have visiting -- plus the rest of the site is devoted to cell-phone relayed adverts.
Information will not go away, and when it may pop up again we have no idea, no control over what other information it may be associalted. EE Times, UBM Electronics, and its sponsors do not assume responsibility for any comments, claims, or opinions made by authors and bloggers.

Many of those folks don't know how to manage all of life's data (who does?), especially through multiple generations of computers. They are no substitute for your own research and should not be relied upon for trading or any other purpose. If you want to see what happens, but you feel uncomfortable about entering your own cell phone number, you can simply type in something like 255-555-5555So what’s the problem?
Once file formats stabilize, or someone developed a way to covert formats en mass, the gap will be over.
Well, my original blog didn’t explain that this was a spoof, and even though I wrote that blog years ago, for some reason I’ve suddenly started receiving a deluge of emails saying “Can you help me locate a cell phone?” The locator form from the Satellite-GPS-Location websiteA typical message might read as follows (in fact, this is a real message, I’ve just omitted names and email addresses to protect the innocent :-)I need to perform a cell phone reverse lookup from Claro in Puerto Rico. Honestly speaking I do not have much money, I have tried but some companies never found right details, and some appears to be a scam.
I need honest and confident company, at low rates, and not debit my card until provide me right details.

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