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Creating an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record helps prevent other servers from spoofing your email address and also helps other servers determine whether or not your messages are spam.
Expand the DNS tree, under Forward Lookup Zones select the domain you wish to create an SPF record for. Part of the reason it's used so much is because it's simple and straightforward to use, there's not a lot of customization that can be done, and its output is basic. The nameserver used isn't usually important because public nameservers usually have all the same information in them.
If your company runs its own private DNS server then sometimes you cannot lookup private information on public DNS servers. MX record shows the mail exchange information which, if it exists, should be another hostname. For multiple word search having spaces in between them you can use the traditional ‘\’ operator. However, without widespread use of SPF at the moment, the latter isn’t very effective.

If a sending server does not have an SPF record or is not an authorized sender of a server with an SPF record, some email servers will flag that message as spam or else reject it completely. Godaddy) you can login to their administrative panel and follow their steps to create and publish an SPF record. However a nameserver in Europe might have more current up-to-the second DNS information in it for a European domain name than say, a nameserver in Japan. To get DNS information on an internal, private IP address or internal hostname you must query your own local, private DNS server at your office. The mail exchange is basically the host that is going to be handling the sending and receiving of the email. This record is a bit complicated but basically the pointer record is used when you want to find the specific hostname associated with a specific IP address.
It shows the authoritative information about a DNS zone, including the primary name server, the email of the domain administrator, the domain serial number, and several timers relating to refreshing the zone.
This is a newer record because the SPF information used to be sent (and often times still is) in the TXT record below.

The TXT record was originally supposed to be just arbitrary notes however now it often carries machine-readable data such as SPF information, opportunistic encryption, DomainKeys, DNS-SD and other cutting edge services for which there isn't (yet) a specific DNS record for. I am trying to figure out a way through which we can look up the whole page but I think this much is also quite useful as most of the times we came to know about the product by reading one or two lines only. If you host your own DNS you can follow the steps at to create a valid SPF record and then follow the steps below to implement it into your Windows server.
And it's possible to have a single hostname resolve to more than one IP address (round robin DNS). However, a single IP address has only one official hostname that can be associated with it which is assigned by the ISP.

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