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The problems that marred iMessage a few months ago, in November 2014, immediately pop in mind: users who had switched to another platform could not receive the SMS messages they were being sent as they passed through the iMessage service and did not reach their intended destination. I need to point out that Zain Ghana itself, caused some of the confusion on the Internet today. From many on the comments I got on my previous blog post, many complained about not being able to get to the 3rd registration page but I just completed it without a problem and I got a confirmation immediately via SMS and email.
I feel Rancard could do more by providing a step-by-step detailed guide for the average Kofi and Ama.
For those who find still the reservation website too difficult to use, you may reserve the phone number of your choice by calling Zain Ghana directly on 026-0000111.
Please my problem is that i bought the Zain chip in town and called your customer care and even followed the instructions several times, now this week is the 4th week and yet i dont have my dream zain number on the zain chip i bought in town please help me out. I just hope they will pursue the right demographic 18 – 27 demographic for their initially data service drive especially for mobile internet access. Tap on clear data to delete register phone number on LINE then stop LINE running at background by tapping force stop option.

Start up LINE app again and notice phone number option already change to ?Register phone number?, means phone number already deleted. Now log in LINE with email address or Facebook account and follow the instruction mentioned on Techgravy blog getting free LINE stickers.
Remember you need to back up chat history before delete phone number caused any change to phone number will delete all chat history on LINE messenger naver immediately.
Fortunately, Apple has an online tool that allows you to easily de-register your phone number from the iMessage service. Note that you have to define your country code by tapping on the country flag on the left of the field.
Now if they don’t do the same MTN did by generating the right interest then break our hearts through poor quality they will do ok. I already described the method that how to delete LINE account registered phone number in the post how to get free LINE stickers with virtual private network (VPN) or proxy but few LINE users still can’t get it. Of course, the reasons for this might be numerous - you either wish to get a phone running on another mobile OS or you are still rocking and Apple smartphone, but wish to disable the handy service due to another issue.

Such a not-so-simple sub-domain is very open to mis-spellings and many are those who have been mis-spelling thus being led to the wrong websites, or getting error messages. I also hope your presence will alleviate the monopoly some telecommunications have placed on the market. Be sure you are dealing with the right people in Zain polo t-shirts and do not pay to anyone to pre-register your Zain Ghana phone number.
Of course, I understand that RanCard Mobility is their application developer in this case, but the application should still have been hosted on Zain Ghana’s own website.

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